Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saved by the Denny's

I would never think of Denny's as being an establishment that would save someone, but in my case last night that's what happened. I think Mother Nature was all out to get me last night on my run. Since it has been over a week since I've run, I can understand her point.

Last night, things started out well. I used my new 'Tuneband' arm thing to attach my iPhone to my arm instead of carrying it around with me so I can use the Nike+GPS app. I love this app b/c it tells you your pace, a map of where you ran and how fast you went along the way! Soooo much better than the little shoe bean thing that I used with my nano. I had on my Nike workout shirt and my new Ironman running shorts that are from my TJ MAXX shopping trip a few weeks ago. These were amazing b/c they have a little band around the bottom on the leg that doesn't let the shorts ride up! Yay! No chub rub with these babies!

I started out my run just fine and felt great. At about mile 1, I decided that running in 55 degree weather is MUCH different than running in 70 degree weather. Those 15 extra degrees kick your butt! Good thing I brought my little handheld guy and put purple Powerade Zero in it. (I think it tastes like children's grape cough syrup.) I took a drink was was feeling good. Then the wrath of Mother Nature began! I got a BUG IN MY EYE! That little turd got up under my sun glasses and stuck itself in my eye! I tried getting it out. I even stopped and was rubbing my eye in a circular motion to try and get the stupid thing out! No luck! Just a few steps after I had finished messing with my eye (hoping that the bug was out), I felt like I got punched in the stomach!

I needed a bathroom STAT!

Where I was, there happened to be public places up the hill behind me or a ways down the hill in front of me. I opted for downhill. I jogged a few steps but decided that wasn't a good idea! Then I transitioned into the hobble-y walk really fast and squeeze your butt cheeks together with all your might motion. The next public establishment that was on my path was Denny's. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it and was think of the list of people who I could call that would pick me up from Denny's if I had crapped my pants! This was a very short list btw! Needless to say, I made it to the Denny's and bolted to the bathroom. Safe at last!

When I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and what did I see? That freaking bug was still in my eye! EWWWW!!!! So I fished it out and thought that anything that could have gone wrong on this run had and that the second half of the small loop would be easy. WRONG! I made it past mile 2 and felt like I was going to die. I slowed it down to a hopp-y walk and then totally slowed down to a quick walk. I had a giant stitch in my side and just wanted this workout to be over! I finally got my 4+ miles done is just over an hour! HOLY SLOW BALLS! Just the week before I had done 5 miles in 53 mins!!

Oh well. At least I got out there this week and gave it a good effort! I went home and had some more of my rotisserie chicken, macaroni salad, cookie dough and 2 stuffed twizzlers while I watched the evening festivities on the tube.

I think I got bored with the B last night and can't say there was anything memorable except her 'wanting closure from Bentley'. Dude! He left you! Isn't that closure enough?!
Then EMWLE was good b/c the guy lost over 300 lbs but he just didn't seem to have a good attitude and didn't seem amazingly grateful for the opportunity that was bestowed on him. I guess I wanted him to seem happier than he was at his reveling and he seemed indifferent to me! Losing over 300 lbs is a MAJOR accomplishment! BE AMAZINGLY HAPPY! Geesh!

Ok. I'm off to lunch with my friend Laura!

What did you think of the shows last night?

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  1. I'm totally on the list of people that would come pick you up if you crapped your pants. I would even bring you a nice towel to sit on.