Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Friday

It might have been a short week for most people, but for me it was an extra long one! Not only did I work on Monday, but I worked on Sunday too! The Horror! So, now it's Friday and I've been ready for my weekend for a few days now.

Last night, when I left work I was bound and determined that I was going to run b/c I needed to get one more run in before my rest day and then the Mountainous 10K on Saturday. As I was walking up the hill from the bus stop (it was rainy and cold 40s all day so no motorcycle) it gradually felt like the right side of my face was caving in! *cue music* I have a migraine coming on! Yay me! NOT! So instead of getting my run in during dismal weather, I parked myself on the couch with my head buried in a pillow and listened to tv. It turns out that I fell asleep until Jeopardy came on. About 8, I perked up and made "Breakfast for Dinner" which consisted of eggs and pancakes. I felt better after this and actually watched some tv. I got sucked into "SYTYCD" (So You Think You Can Dance?) and then Glee. At 10, I decided that I was done for the night and went to bed.

When did Glee get moved to Thursdays?!

Today, I've got a bit of the headache left over but I'm working and also making one of my notorious lists. I'm leaving work early to go to Spokane and house/dogsit for my old boss. I also have the 10K tomorrow, which happened to work out nicely. I'm not sure why I make these lists but I always fear that I will forget something if I don't. What's even more strange to me is that I ALWAYS have to put underwear on the list. Not sure why but i guess it puts my mind at ease. I'm leaving work about 3, packing my stuff and the big furry kid in the car and then making the drive.

One thing that I'm kind of unsure about is the fact that my ex-boss doesn't have tv or internet at his house, but he has a radio! :) I thought I was living in the stone ages b/c I didn't have internet at home, but what am I supposed to do when it gets dark without tv?! Hence, I'm taking my computer and a pile of movies to keep me company, a book and some running/fitness magazines that I've been meaning to read. I hope that is enough to tide me over for a weekend. I do have a coffee date with a fellow runner/blogger, Nicole, and I might bring my computer along to check in with the world and maybe blog about my race on Saturday.

Ok. I've got about an hour left at work, so I'm going to get things finished up.

Do you make lists when you go away?

Have you ever forgotten to pack underwear or anything else as important?

Would/could you live without tv and/or the internet?


  1. Good luck on your race!! Glad you finally made it through your long week. I can't imagine. This week actually felt super long to me and I really had the 4 day week.

    I ALWAYS have to make lists. I usually still forget things but without the list I will forget something even more crucial. haha!

    EEK! Can't believe you will be all weekend without tv or internet. that is impressive. sad that I would be terrified. I could not even think of what you could do and then you said movies and books...duh...why did I not think of that? haha

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Holy crap - that is an excellent description of a migraine coming on - I get them, and it's hard to tell people what it feels like.. you were spot on!

    I could live and be super happy with no TV/internet. I don't have and have no plans to get a smart phone, and I'd rather read by candlelight than watch TV. I guess I'm not a hardcore blogger after all. :)

    Good look on the race this weekend!