Friday, June 24, 2011

50th Post!!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has read any of my previous 49 posts and hope to but don't expect to wow you with the 50th!

I had previously written up a post on my phone using the what I thought was lovely free blog app, but found out why it was free b/c it wouldn't post my blog! ARG!!! So now I get to re-type it so you folks have something to read! Yay!

Last night I was attempting at a "tempo run" to and around the track near my house. I started off from my house and ran the .67 miles uphill to the middle school where the track is located. On my way there, I passed a whole lotta old people that were having a 50 year reunion of their Vet School class. There were a bunch of cars so I figured they were all for that. Nope! When I got to the track, it was swimming with lots of little bitty kids playing/ trying to play baseball and their parents watching them. I wasn't sure if I could do my workout but I started and figured if it was a problem, someone would say something.

I did 800 x 4 with a 400 rest in between each 800. I was pretty crampy after running up the hill to get to the track and after my first 800 but after I did my first rest lap I was able to stretch out my legs a bit. I didn't pay attention to how fast I was running on the 800s but I ended up averaging a 13:02 pace for the whole workout and I walked my rest laps! Maybe I was going faster than I thought! It was kind of awkward running around the track with all of these people watching you! I was happy to get my work in and get out of there. I grabbed my water bottle and headed down the hill. I ended up doing ~4.75 miles in just over an hour. It's a far cry from my 53 min 5 mile I did during my 10 miler a few weeks ago, but I'll take it!

After my run, my Nike+ congratulated me b/c I had run more times this week than the week before. I guess I never look at thinks like that and enjoyed the encouragement that the voice in my ears had given me!

I am only 6.8 miles away from reaching the next level on my Nike+ account, which means that I will have ran 150+ miles since March 1 when I started using the system!!!! I'm planning on knocking out that distance on Sunday with my 'long run' but will not try and kill myself again this time. You definitely live & learn when living in the world of running!!

I'm planning on going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow and maybe do some playing in the garden. I have 2 pepper plants that have given up the fight, so I think I'm going to replace them with tomato plants. I will take some pictures and show you how my little garden is coming along.

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?

Are you doing anything active?
I'm going to be with all of the Seattle RnR people in spirit b/c I'm sure they will all be having a great time!

Has anyone ever done a mud run besides BDD?
I'm debating doing the Dirty Dash in Spokane in August but don't know if I'd want to get my running stuff all muddy and possibly ruined. I would LOVE some advice/opinions about doing this type of race. Thanks!!

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