Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gone Fishing

Yep! That's what I did last night! It was totally fun and I even caught 2 fish. They were both itty bitty trout but I caught them and my friend Ryan didn't catch anything. Girls win!!!! Here is a picture of me and the first itty bitty fish.
Me: It's so little!
Ryan: That's what she said! Haha!
I'm not sure why Blogger put in it upsidedown, but I can't fix it. So that was my evening. I had an awesome sandwich from Subway for dinner and then was covered in fish and worm guts and dirt from digging in the worm container to sacrifice the litter buggars! I did see some huge fish just chilling where I was fishing but they weren't interested in my worm. I think they were either carp or catfish but I really wanted to catch a big fish! Next time, Ryan is taking me to some lake where he said that he knew the fishing would be better. I'm looking forward to it!

Let's rewind a bit to Monday night's TV action...
The Bachelorette or The B: I am sadly totally sucked into this show and I'm not really sure why. I can't say that I loved Ashley last season, but I'm always hopefully for these people to find love. Or at least seem like they've found it. I'm glad that Bentley is gone. He was a total turd on a stick! And then he made her feel aweful for leaving! I don't know why or how he thought he was so cool and in it just for the game. Puh-lease! And why is he so obsessed with his hair? It's not that great anyway. He's no Bradley Cooper! :) Ok. I'm done with him. But maybe he kind of does look like him... Still, I don't care.
Another thing... I'm glad that The Mask came off and then thought it was funny that he ended up being older than she thought he was and sent his sorry self packing. You are too nice Ashley! You sent home some cuter boys than him before that. Silly girl!

EMWLE: I think I have fallen in love with this show and it is totally filling my BL void for the summer. I was sooo proud of Alex and how far he had come in his journey. I like that this show helps people tackle their emotions as well as losing the weight without someone always screaming in their face. I'm sure they have LOTS of help along the way but it seems like once the first 3 months are over and the Trainer guy moves out, you are on your own to do it for yourself. I will definitely continue watching this show!
How about you? Thoughts on The B or EMWLE?

Do you like to fish?
I'm no SR and don't have a fancy fishing boat but I totally enjoy just sitting out there with my pole in the water! Maybe one day I'll actually get to keep one! :)


  1. ahhhhh! i love fishing! one of my most favorite activities :) and bachelorette...totally agree. it is so addicting even though the guys are crazy dramatic and ashley is not my fave. Seriously...i think the guys may be more dramatic than the girls on bachelor! haha!

  2. I love to fish, I also learned how to fly fish, now that is fun!!!

  3. I am into B and Extreme weight loss! Congrats on your fish!!!