Monday, June 13, 2011

10 mile PR!

Let's start out with the exciting news! Yesterday I set out on the second time attempting to run 10 miles. The first time I ran it about a month ago, I did it in 2:32 and I felt like I was going to die!!! This was probly b/c I was dumb and didn't bring any water with me. B/c 10 miles isn't really much longer than 5 miles and I don't really feel like I need a drink when I run 5. WRONG!!!! Couldn't have been more wrong if I tried! This first attempt was definitely a trial run and one that I learned from. So yesterday, I set out with my new handheld (10 oz.) and my water belt with 2 - 8oz. bottles. I took some Chomps with me to try out since I bought them at Target last weekend.

I was doing ok on the run. I started out feeling like I was gonna die the first 2 miles and then felt like I was getting into my groove. I usually run at a 13:15/mile pace and when I was in my stride I looked down at my phone to see a 10:21/mile pace! I didn't know I could do that!!! I was super excited and didn't feel like I was pushing myself, just going as fast as I felt like going.

At mile 5, I turned around and paused my clock. I finished my handheld and put it on the belt so I wouldn't have to carry it anymore and ate 3 chomps. I was feeling good at this point. I started at 9am and it was sunny/cloudy. I hit my 5 mile mark at 53 mins and by then there were fewer clouds and more sun and it was getting warmer.

I started running back and felt all sorts of thirsty between miles 6-7 and then I ran out of fluids at about 7.5. Not long after this I hit my wall. I was hot and sweaty and out of fluids but I only had about a 5k left. I think that felt like the longest 5k ever! I ended up walking some and that made me feel better. When I got back to my starting point, my phone said that I still had a mile to go! How does that happen when I turned around at mile 5?! Oh well. I continued a half mile down the trail and back to finish this 10 mile run in 2:02!!!

That would be a 30 min PR!!!!! 

I was amazed, shocked, tired and thirsty when I got back to the car. I first grabbed the rest of the powerade I had in the car and walked around the parking lot with it to cool down and then did some stretching while I finished off the water that was in my water bottle. I got in the car and stopped to get dog food on the way home. When I got home, I was good and had a strawberry GoTein shake (it was delicious btw. I haven't tried this flavor yet.), the rest of my whole wheat berry scone that was me pre-run fuel and took a shower. I fell into a running coma on the couch for about an hour and woke up ravenously hungry!

I ate a bowl of grapes, 2 hard boiled eggs, some ChipIns which are like Popchips but made from popcorn (I actually like the CHipIns better - from Walmart.), a PB egg from leftover Easter candy and a Reese's pieces carrot, also from leftover Easter candy. I think at this point, I would have considered chewing on the dog I was so hungry! It was not good but then it passed as I watched fuzzy ESPN baseball and chilled in the couch in my jams b/c I couldn't be bothered to put real clothes on after my shower.

When I decided to rejoin the world, I got dressed and went to Safeway b/c they had Strawberry pie for $5! So I HAD to have one! And I needed whipped cream to put on it b/c I was out. I ended up not feeling like having a slice last night, but you can bet your bottom that I have some in my lunch today!

As promised, I did take some pictures this weekend of my eats and the Farmer's Market in Moscow and I'm working on that post now b/c I have to get the pictures off my phone. I'm still not 100% good at using this thing yet but I love it!

Did you have any running awesomeness this weekend? I know some lovely ladies in Utah kicked some butt in their marathon!! Congrats ladies! :)

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