Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PMS Weather

 That's right. I said it. Pullman's weather has the following symptoms: irritability, water retention, aggression, mood swings and inability to concentrate. It has been cold (50s) and crappy pretty much this whole "spring" but I'm ready for it to get nice so I can turn sickly, pale me into tan freckly me. Since I went MIA yesterday, I think I was actually being diligent and working! Wow! :) So, I didn't have time to post yesterday, so here's what's been going on with me.

Sunday: After work, I came home and changed into my running clothes and ran to my friend Laura's house, stayed and chatted with her a bit while i hydrated, and ran back for a total of 5.7 miles. Not bad but still getting ready for the Mountain Goat on Saturday. I haven't done much hill work and I'm starting to worry that I'm completely going to bonk in the first 5K that is COMPLETELY UPHILL! Barf! I know I did this to myself but I'm still part excited/part dreading it. I'm not sure what else I did Sunday night but I'm sure it was boring.

Monday: I slept in til, wait for it.... 7:30!!! It was a Holiday and all. I got ready and went to work. I did a 9-5 and felt pretty good about what I'd accomplished. On the way home, I stopped at the Walmart and got some picnic-y goodies so I could have my own cookout-ish. I got coleslaw, potato salad, a loaf of bread and a free movie out of the Redbox. I paired the goods with some peach iced tea and a grilled pork chop on the George Foreman (GF). It was pretty good. I liked the movie too!

Then, I watched the Bachelorette. I like her but I think she's being dumb naive about keeping the scheemy Bentely dude and The Mask. I realize that he was about to take it off, but seriously. Dude! It's kinda creepy! I may be  considered shallow but if I'm going to date someone, I want to be attracted to them physically as well as emotionally. That could be just me! After the B, was a new show that can fill my BL withdrawals called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss. I like it b/c each episode they follow an extremely overweight person for a year and monitor their weight loss. Unlike the 6mo. time span of BL, this is a whole year. These people seem to be more unhealthy than the people they take on BL too, so the transformations should be awesome! I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

Tuesday: I worked. Barf. I went to lunch with my friend Laura and we had sushi! I had a Tempura Bento box that I forgot to take a picture of but it was amazing! Then, she talked me into going to Rib Night at the Silver Saddle which is also the home of The Ultimate Steak Night!   I started with this little lovely...
Of which Laura approves!

Then I ate my ribs, fries with fry sauce, chili and roll. I forgot to take a picture, so here are the leftovers and the damages.
Hello Ribby goodness!

Rib night isn't complete without a Wet-Nap!
I've decided that it was ok that I didn't run yesterday b/c the weather was crazy and thunderstorm-y which is weird for here b/c we never get them. I am sad about this was but excited to watch out the window at work when we had crazy rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightning! It was good that it didn't last long b/c I had to ride the motorcycle home! I had to battle GRAVEL at the bottom of my driveway. I was scared b/c we are not friends, but I successfully made it up the hill.

The big 10K is Saturday and I'm going to be house/dogsitting for my old boss. This works out well b/c I don't have to drive to Spokane at the "before crack" of dawn to make the 8am start. I get to take Heif with me. He gets to play his boss' dog, which is a female Great Pyrenees, the goats, sheep and chickens! And the weather is supposed to be nice! Hello 80s!

Has anyone ever done a 5K completely uphill? How did you get ready for it?

I'm looking into handheld waterbottles b/c I am learning that I have an issue with hydration when I'm running. Suggestions on handheld water bottles? Do you use them? Like them? Give me the dish!


  1. Ohio went straight from winter to summer, no sprinf, this sucks

    I would never do a all uphill 5k

  2. I'm with BDD. No uphill 5ks. Ever.
    What IS with that weird mask guy? Dork.
    Use redworms for composting. Here's a link where you can get them. Ha! I'm such an expert. ;)

  3. I can't imagine an uphill 5k--you're brave!
    I use a Camelback handheld and I love it. There's a little pouch to put all my stuff in too---perfect!

  4. Good luck on the 10K, looks like it's today! I've never done a 5K that is totally uphill, but the loop around my neighborhood that I like to run is mostly uphill and I hate it! I can't imagine running 3 miles straight all uphill..yuck!