Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've got a Golden Ticket!!

Ok. I don't really have a golden ticket, but that song from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory came on as I was finishing my run last night. I'm not even sure why/how it got onto my ipod/phone but it was a welcomed surprise! That is one of my favorite movies from my childhood. I ended up running to my friend Laura's house, which is on the other side of town (~2.75 miles), and back because I had to take her some Avon catalogs. It was surprisingly hard to run with something other than your handheld water bottle in your hands. They made it but were a bit sweaty and folded. I stayed and chatted/ hydrated for a bit and then had to leave about 7 b/c I had to be home by 8 to watch The Bachelorette. I ended up making the round trip in 1:19. I wasn't very speedy but it's amazing at how much warmer weather will slow you down. But I did have an 11:18 mile for the first mile and then I ran out of gas a little. 
While the show was starting, I made some dinner.
                                    Ezekial bread, munster cheese, egg and salsa!

Hydration helper!
I had waited a week for this drama to go down and then was thoroughly disappointed. Did she really think he wouldn't take a free trip half way around the world just b/c it was a free trip?! I think she finally got a little glimpse of what a real douche waffle this dude really is! HELLO
Then I felt bad for the guy when she dropped the bomb but understood where they were coming from. I think I was most sad to see Mickey leave. Does any one have any contacts with ABC so they can hook a sister up? :) He is from my homeland after all!

I think by the end of the 2 hours I had seen enough of Ashley crying and wanted to punch her in the throat. I'm not usually a violent person but I can only take so much sniveling and 'Whoa is me. I'm just trying to do the best I can.' crap. Honey, if you're not cut out for this show, why are you waiting our time? B/c you are a natural born train wreck and you know that most of America just can't look away! That's why! UGG!

I enjoyed the latest episode of EMWLE! LaRhonda had an amazing transformation. I had hoped that she would have lost more weight from having her skin removal surgery but I'm sure there was a LOT of healing time and she's probly just getting back to her groove. She did an amazing job in a year and I hope they do a follow up show of how the people are doing later on. 

As of last night, I have 1.2 miles to go until I reach the GREEN level on my Nike+ account! I think I might try to knock that out tonight but we will see. I think my back is a little sore today so I might just do abs and push ups or something. But I HAVE to get that mileage in before the end of the month!!!

What is your favorite movie from childhood? Are there any songs that go with it? I of course love 'The Sound of Music' and any other Disney movie I can get my hands on. I think I have all of the soundtracks! Yes I'm a nerd! :)

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