Friday, May 6, 2011

Wind, Ran and HAIL!

Yep! That's what I got on my run around Pullman last night. It was sunny and a little windy when I left my house but by the time I got down to the main road and started running a bit, it started raining... and then there was HAIL! It turns out that it hurts when you get hailed on but it's not like I've wanted to stand outside when it's hailing to find this out. I was too far from home to turn back, so I just kept running. My plan was to run a 5+ mile loop that went through campus but after the weather issue, I got to about mile 2 and found a trail that I've always wondered where it went. It was pretty and went past Koppel farm, which has garden plots that you can rent and have your own garden. I did this one year and decided that it was too much work to go somewhere to have a garden, so now I have a little plot outside my door. It's still been too cold at night to plant my sprouts in the ground, but I think this weekend will be good for churning up the soil.

Back to my run... I ended up going past the City Play Fields and there were some guys playing softball. I saw a sign that said that one loop around this little park was 1/2 mile... so I did that to scope out the boys. Nothing! :( The path ended up taking me downtown and then I just ran home from there. I ended up going about 4.5 miles, which wasn't too far off my goal of 5 for the day. I even ran a faster pace than what I had done at Bloomsday, so that was good to see, even with all the hills!

Today, we get to leave work early b/c we have a Nash Group field trip to the movies to see 'Thor' at the first showing. We usually do this a few times a year, mostly during the summer. But we only see movies that the Boss wants to watch too. It's a good deal. I'm not sure what I'm up to this weekend yet. Tomorrow is graduation, so I don't know if I'm going to come into work or not. I don't really feel like battling the parents traffic on campus. If it's not raining, maybe I'll try to do the loop I had planned on yesterday... we'll see. The Farmers' Market opens in Moscow tomorrow, but they are just selling plants at this point.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

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