Monday, May 23, 2011

I completely fell off the Wagon...

I didn't dangle my feet off the edge, I just totally fell off! What am I talking about you ask? Last week, I had a total heathy eating failure and instead of being a little bad or "dangling my feet off the edge", I ate like my inner fat girl wanted to and "completely fell off the wagon!" Now, let's assess the situation.
Monday: Pizza Hut for dinner
Tuesday: Basillio's for lunch
Wednesday: Leftover Pizza Hut for lunch, Cougar Country for dinner
Thursday: Rib Night
Friday:Old European for breakfast, Sella's for lunch, leftover Ribs for dinner
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! It has to stop!!!

You would think that I was eating my way through my feelings or something, but I was just going with the slow aside from the Cougar Country. I think I rounded the corner on my way to Rib Night, when I stopped at the Moscow Co-Op and found the CHIA SEEDS!!!

I packed them in my lunch on Friday with my greek yogurt and blueberries. That didn't happen til about 4, but that was my start to recovery.

Here's what went down this weekend:
Friday: I went to the WSU baseball game on the motorcycle b/c it was nice. Then I got a call asking me if my dog was missing. Apparently, if I wasn't aware that he was missing, he was missing! Then I hauled it home to fetch the escapee and met the Pullman Pet Patrol there b/c of Heif's condition they thought I was abusing my dog! Good thing I've been treating him for 2 months! What would they have thought then?! I explained his condition and that I was working with a Vet to get him fixed. When we got home, I put him in his crate and then drove the car back to the game b/c it was only the 3rd inning when I left and they were losing. When I got back, they were winning and there were some super creepy clouds looming over us but only did as good as spitting every once inn a while. It was cold and Blonde Ponytail and I decided to head out and hope for the best. Turns out they won! :)

Saturday: I needed to remedy the Heif escaping situation. I headed over to the ACE Hardware b/c I had looked at Walmart before and they didn't have what I wanted. I bought a latch with a turny thing. I battled with the cordless drill, but managed to get it attached to my house. I also drilled fasteners to my house to re attach the siding where he was getting out once he was under the house. I hung my new clothesline and hung out 2 loads of clothes. I weeded and turned over the soil in my little garden plot.
Before weeding and turning

After, ready for me to plant stuff.

 I even weed whacked my yard. (It's too small to bother with a lawn mower.) At this point, I should have gone into work, but was too tired to sit in front of a computer and write. I just hung out and watched tv instead.

Sunday: I got up about 9 and showered and made an awesome breakfast!!! 1/2 c. of oats on the stove, a tbsp. of almond butter, a banana and 2 tbsps of soaked chia seeds. This made a mound of food for a breakfast but I ate it all while watching a mixture of cooking goods on QVC, hockey and poker. Today was the big "Dog Day at the BallPark" at the WSU baseball game. I put Heif's WSU t-shirt on him about 11:30 and headed out the door b/c the game was at noon. The game was about 3.5 hours long but we won in the bottom on the 9th!!! It was great! Lots of people wanted to pet Heif and he even got his picture taken by 3 different photographers! If he's famous, I'll let you know! After the game, I was tired from sitting in the sun all day and told myself that I was going to take a 20 min nap and then go for a run. 2 hours later, I woke up and was starving! So, no run happened this weekend! I was kinda bummed but wasn't really feeling it if I was that hungry.
Immy hanging out on the fence

Jack being a dude on the roof

 I hung out with Heif and watched Dateline about "bath salts" and switched back and forth between the Billboard Awards and Celebrity Apprentice. Both were good shows. Even after my 2 hour nap, I was tired and went to bed.

I was hoping for a run tonight, but realized that I have dinner tonight with a Prospective Grad Student. I'm excited for Gambino's (the best Italian Restaurant in Pullman/Moscow) but am bummed that I'm putting running off for one more day. Tomorrow is my day! I can go run and then get to watch the Biggest Loser Finale!!!! I'm excited to see what everyone looks like now! :)


  1. Chia seeds, as in chia pet?!! Do they taste good? You didn't mess up yummy yogurt and berries, did you? Let me know, I am very curious now.

  2. Sounds like you're back on track after your week of eating out lol. It's so fun to eat out until you start feeling withdrawl from fruits and veggies. I always feel gross and sluggish if I have more than one meal out in a few days.