Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Rocked My Face Off!

Last night was the big show and it ranks about a 9.7 out of 10 b/c 3 of the 4 bands were AWESOME! Before I get into the show, here are some events that led up to the show.
Erin and I go to Spokane about 2:40, which was earlier than we were planning on so we stopped by Bruttles, a little gourmet candy shoppe, that we had never been in before but always wanted to go. Erin got Cookies n Cream fudge and Chocolate PB fudge. I got a chocolate pretzel rod, some old fashioned candy sticks and 2 chocolate covered marshmallow things.
After we left the shoppe, we decided to go check out the from of MIXX 916 to see if there were people lined up or not b/c it opened at 4pm. Sure enough, there were about 6 people already in line to get into the place, so we stood in line til 4 when it opened.

Erin ordered her plain cheeseburger and fries and I had the turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries. After we were done eating, Erin took out her fudge... and it was gone!
Cookies n Cream fudge

Then, in our sugar induced coma, we waited and were let into the concert hall. Sadly for us, New Medicine was up first. It's only sad b/c we feel like they are a bigger band and should have been 2nd to play, but oh well. They played a great set and then came into the crowd to sell their album.
New Meds boys

Brady the bassist signing cds literally in my face

Second on the bill was a band called Drive A, which looked like a bunch of 14 year old emo kids in tight plants flailing around. I was not impressed with their music or lyrics b/c I couldn't understand them. Their set couldn't have been over fast enough.
Drive A bassist, with Frankenstein tattoo...weird

Third up was 10Years. We saw these guys last time on tour with Shinedown but at the Arena in Tri-Cities, so it was great to see them on such a small stage and right up close! They played a good set and both the lead singer and a guitarist went into the crowd!

Finally, Hollywood Undead was up! Their whole set was amazing and full of energy! They came out with their new masks on, most of which now light up! They were really cool to see! After a few songs, they took the masks off and just rocked with us! I even got a guitar pick from J-Dog! He's my favorite b/c he's nice to look at! :) 
Funny Man, Da Kurlzz and J-Dog with their masks

J-Dog and Da Kurlzz rocking out

This was a great show and if anyone is able to see any of these bands, besides Drive A, I would totally recommend it!

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  1. What an awesome concert!! Looks like you had an awesome time. And that cookies 'n cream fudge looks amazeballs.