Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Running Adventures

Last night I was determined to get my run in even if the world was coming to an end. (I guess I missed it by a few days. oops!) I was all prepared and mapped out a route using I had a 10K planned out which was a 5K out and back. This was on a new trail through Pullman that I've never run before and I figured it was fairly flat so it would be a good run. I got to about the 3K mark so said my Nike+ and my tummy did a turn for the worse! I felt like I was going to crap my pants!

Why does your body do that to you?! Totally NOT COOL body!

I ended up walking a bit trying extremely hard not to "shart" my pants but at the same time was trying to let out small farts to reduce the pressure. Why would I be so worried about sharting my pants? I have a reputation in my family of having stomach issues, just ask my sister. Haha. :) I share with her on a regular basis. Gross? Maybe. Funny? Totally!! She secretly is amused at my poop stories!

Well, it turns out that the "loop" isn't really a loop and just stops! I was about 4K out and the trail just ended! It turns out that what I actually mapped out was the railroad tracks that run alongside the path. Doh! So I turned around and just called an 8ishK a good enough distance for the night.

I got home and camped out on the couch to prepare for the BL Finale! I was armed with a cup of tea and a pear; I was soooo ready to go! I was excited about all of the At-Home contestants! I think this was the season with the biggest number of total transformations. It was very exciting and inspiring! I did guess right that Irene would make it into the final 3, even though I didn't vote. I won't spoil the ending, but it was left up to the Purple Team sisters and they both looked AMAZING! I am happy for both of them and look forward to the great things they will do! I think now I want to go see Olivia in an opera even if I've never seen one before ever!

What did you think of the Finale? Did the person win that you wanted to?


  1. I really was rooting for Olivia so I'm happy that she won :)

    Also, I totally understand about the gastric disturbances. Happens to me all the time. I'm very comfortable talking about it but I always forget that not everyone else is!

  2. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I am glad you found me and super excited to follow you! you sound hilarious!!!

    The BL finale was so inspiring. I loved every second of it :)

  3. you are such a freak.. and to all those people out there... she really does love to share her poop stories with me. ever since we were little!!!!! i'm really lucky that i dont get picture messages from her! bahahaha