Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grease Cures Crabbiness

After my all-day CRABFEST, I decided that I needed to do something to snap me out of my funk. What did I decide that I needed? A BURGER! And not just any burger, a burger from a diner in town called Cougar Country. This is a big-as-your-face burger and was Big Mac-esque with the sauce and stuff. I paired it with fries and fry sauce (a mix of ketchup, mayo and spices - for those who don't know) and a small Mountainy Dew. It was heaven! And then I felt full and happiness ensued.

I think it's kind of amusing at how something so simple and yet unhealthy can totally change my day around! I couldn't tell you the last time that I had a burger was, so I think it was about time that I had one!

The weather in Pullman is beautiful today! I woke up to lots of sun in my window and chirping birds. It was almost like I woke up in a cartoon. But since I was awake, that didn't mean that I wanted to get out of bed. I hung out with the kitties until the last possible moment (7:52am) and then dashed around getting ready and packing my lunch to be out the door by 8:15. Not bad!

For tonight's agenda, I have a few things in mind but not sure what all will get done. Here they are in to particular order.
1. Go to Walmart and buy food. Things are getting pretty scarce and this eating out thing is getting expensive.
2. I'm on the search for chia seeds so I can try them in stuff.
3. Run the "big loop" around Pullman.
4. Weed whack my yard b/c it's too small to bother with a lawn mower.
5. Eat something for dinner.
6. Sit on the couch and find something to watch on tv.
7. Take some pictures to put on the blog, so I don't bore all of you with just words.

Do you eat chia seeds? Where do you buy them? What do you put them in if you use them?

Do you ever feel cured from eating grease?
I don't think this happens to me very often but yesterday was a MAJOR CRAB DAY, so I needed to bring in the reinforcements.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. I think that I can get chia seeds for you at the Boulder Farmers' Market - would you like me to pick some up? $10/lb and $44 for 5lbs.... Kara

  2. Sometimes a burger or pizza is just what is needed to get out of a funk

    - Look for chia seeds in the organic section of your supermarket. I use them for shakes, cereal, baking. Kinda as an add on, you dont taste it

    - Raining, rain make me grumpy because I cant get on my bike

  3. There have definitely been a couple of times where I told my hubby that I needed a burger for dinner. LOL

  4. You can get chia seeds at Whole Foods but I found them cheaper at Vitamin Shoppe (do you have that there?).

    I put them in coconut water sometimes. The longer you leave them in, the fluffier they get.

    I also put them in pasta sauce, tuna salad, etc. Like Big Daddy said, you don't really taste them. But they soak up moisture so the longer you leave them in something, the less crunchy they will be.