Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Biker Babe

That's right kiddos!!!! I rode the motorcycle to school today! *SCREAMS* It was a combination of sheer panic and joy but it was all sorts of awesome! It wasn't just an easy morning of hopping on the bike and going,sadly. I realized yesterday that I had forgotten to pick up my bleaching trays from the dentist that weren't ready on Friday when I went to pick them up. I also saw that my parking pass on the bike was missing. So I got to tool around town, pick up my trays and go my parking services to avoid a ticket and was still at school by about 8:30. Go me!
 Isn't it pretty?! :)

Last night was interesting b/c I took the bus to school in the morning b/c it was raining, so I had to take the bus home. I was walking up to the bus stop and saw the bus pulling away! Poop-sicles. My choices were to wait at the bus stop for a half hour til the next bus or walking home. It was sunny and kinda warm so I opted to walk the 3ish miles home. It wasn't so bad until the wind died down and it was just the sun shining on me, which made my bookbag feel like I was carrying around a hot dead person. Not good! Especially since I had to walk up my usual big hill to get home. On the trip, I was debating on running or doing p90x as my workout for the day. By the time I got home, I was pooped and red faced and decided that the walk home was enough of a work out. I think I could have even taken a nap! I ended up heating up my pork chop and edamame from the night before and got a cup of tea and parked it on the couch.

Tonight I'm hoping to get some kind of activity in but I'm on a time crunch since BL is on tonight!!! I had to watch last week's episode online b/c I missed it due to the concert, but it was totally worth it! But to miss 2 weeks in a row, I just can't do that! :) I love my BL peeps!

Ok...Off to work. Isn't it aweful to work when you know it's nice outside!? Have a great day!


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  2. [Oops! Messed up my first comment lol.]
    I would be super terrified to ride one of those!