Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flight booked

This morning, I finally booked my flight home in September after checking with my parents, grandparents and my boss. Everything was a go, so I clicked "purchase". I will be going home from Sept 13-28. My intention while I am home is to run the Akron 1/2 Marathon and go to a Hubbard High School football game! Other than that, seeing friends and family and just hanging out will be on my to-do list. I'm excited that I finally was able to buy the ticket b/c it has held steady at $371 for the last few months and I wanted to grab it before the effect of the gas prices going up hit the airlines. I ended up with Southwest b/c I get to check 2 bags for free and they were the same price as a few other airlines that don't have free bags. My only trade off for the free bags is a longer layover time. The good news is that my layovers are in Phoenix on the way home and Las Vegas on the way back. Two places that I've never been before, so I get to at least check out the airports! :) Right now I'm debating on renting a car. Does anyone know of any great car renting deals for 2 weeks? I haven't really poked around yet, but the inner bargain shopper in me will soon.

Last night, I was a vegetable again. My calves are still sore from bouncing at the concert on Tuesday, so I couldn't bring myself to do any kind of exercise. Instead, I zoomed to Moscow,ID to the dog food store b/c they close at 6 and then went to Winco and ended up with a lovely list of produce, fish and FF greek yogurt and frozen fruit to put on it! Then I went to Ross to look for some new headphones since half of mine died while I was running Bloomsday. It was ok b/c there are bands along the route, so you don't really need any tunes. I just use it anymore to know where I am/should be on my mileage according to which song I'm on.
Today has been pretty busy in the lab. I'm working up about 4 reactions today and then get to the bottleneck of evaporating solvent! WOO! It may sound interesting to some, but actually it's quite boring. Maybe I'll finish doing my lab dishes today?

Anyways, I was supposed to go to a Wine Tasting at Merry Cellars in town with Erin today, but she needs to study for her Final tomorrow and I've decided that I want to run around Pullman if it's not raining by then.

Anything good on tv tonight?

Have a great day!

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  1. ok.. so i want to know why i am finding out that you are coming home from your blog??!?!?! and is my nephew coming home??