Monday, May 9, 2011

Did Spring forget the PNW?

Hello all! I had quite the exciting weekend! I should have sat down and blogged about it while I was "working" yesterday but not much work actually got done in the 3+ hours I was on campus yesterday.

Friday: We got out of work early and went to see Thor! It was really good and there are some(one) beefy chiseled dudes in it! Score! Also, Anthony Hopkins is in it, which I had no idea. It also tied into the IronMan series, which I thought was cool and was unexpected. I would totally spend a $1 to rent it from Redbox when it comes out in a million years. After the movie, I ran home, let Heif out, stopped at Safeway for some dinner and cash-ola to get into the game and a cup of tea b/c it was chilly and sounded like the right thing to do! I went to the game and hung out at the top of the bleachers and watched the first few innings. Then, I introduced myself to Blonde Ponytail! I hung out with her for the rest of the game and chatted even though we were getting rained on. I got home a little after 9, watched my usual Friday Dateline and went to bed.

Saturday: I got up about 7 because the day before I had decide that I was going to do the 'Jog for the Jugs' in Lewiston with Erin and her mom. I was on the road by about 7:40 and drove what was about 45 mins to get to the park that the run was starting in. Look at the cool shirt I got!

I ended up doing the loop, which was ~4.6 miles so they say, my Nike+ said almost 5 miles, in 64: 04. I don't think that was too bad but I hit A.Major.Wall. from about mile 1.0-2.5. I kept at it with my waggle (walk-y jog thing that I do) until my calves decided that they didn't want to cramp anymore and then I felt like I was flying! I was doing about 12 min miles after that and it felt good. There was a bit of a breeze that made it nice and the trail we were running on was very pretty.

On the way home, I got some cheap gas ($3.76/gal) and then stopped at the Sage Bakery in Uniontown, WA. I got a cinnamon/blackberry scone b/c I have a problem and their bread of the day, which was a Jalapeno/Cheese bread. I went home and coma-ed on the couch for a while and then woke up and ate about half of my loaf throughout the rest of the night. I like being a vegetable sometimes. I don't know how people run in the mornings and then go on with their day. I would be totally sacked out.

Can you run 5+ miles in the morning and then go on with your normal day?

Sunday: I slept in b/c I was up early the day before and decided that I needed to go into work b/c I didn't work on Saturday. It turns out if you go into work on the weekend, that you don't always get as much done as you had planned. I was hoping to get some of my Crystal Papers written but ended up only getting some Organic stuff done. After 3, I decided to give up and go home. I proceeded to rid the yard of dog poop since Monday is also Garbage Day. After that, it was still sunny, so I decided to put the battery back in the motorcycle and give it a good clean. It started up like a charm and I noticed the front tire was a little low. I went and got my pressure gauge and the battery was dead. So, I made a Walmart run and got batteries to check the tire pressure, even though I knew it was low. I decided to put my gear on and put over to the Safeway to get gas and put air in the tires. Now the bike is ready to ride... only about 2 months later than usual. :(

What should I name the bike? I was thinking only a guy name would be appropriate but haven't been able to come up with anything good. What do you think?

After the bike extravaganza, I made dinner, which consisted of shake n bake pork shop, steamed edamame, and a spinach salad with broccoli slaw, quinoa and sunflower seeds. It was quite delish. I went to bed a little late b/c I wanted to watch the weather forecast to see if I was taking the bike to school in the morning. The weather lady showed that I was a go!

I woke up this morning to rain! NOOOOOO!!!!! The bike got rained on and it was still raining when I left the house. Wet roads is not how I want my first experience to be while riding the bike to school, so it will wait for another day! Hopefully tomorrow!!!

I almost forgot... look what Heif and the kitties got me for Mother's Day! They are the best, even if they are fur babies! :)

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  1. Just found your blog and I am now a follower!

    I am loving finding people in the PNW (I already follow Blonde Ponytail) because my hubby is from Portland and we will be visiting there this summer, then moving out there in a few years! :D