Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting real about: Boobs

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, but pretty much cemented the idea of it during my run last night. I finally did the loop that I had planned for Thursday and got hailed on and didn't feel like it. 

I have had a love/hate relationship with my boobs ever since they appeared in 4th grade. I know people say that I should just be happy with what I have, but it's not as easy as you think to deal with them! I remember fighting my Mom b/c I didn't want to wear a (sports) bra to school b/c no one else was wearing one. That was the beginning of what will now be a lifetime of dealing with them! Even as early as high school, I was associated with having big ones. I even had a friend nickname me 'Oranges'. Doing sports in high school, they were a nuisance, but didn't restrict me in any way. That was b/c I was only about a C cup then. 

After high school, I wasn't practicing 3 hours a day anymore, I had school and a job many jobs which resulted in me starting to get fat because I "didn't have time" to work out. When you get fat, everything gets bigger...even your boobs. I slowly ballooned until about my 3rd year of grad school, when I went for my yearly appt and the Dr. asked me if I had ever seen a Nutritionist. Obviously, I hadn't but probly should since she suggested it. 

At this point, I did a personal reflection. I needed to be more active, which meant strapping the ladies down so I could move around. (You have no idea how much it hurts when the ladies bang around when you're working out!!) I heard about this British bra place for bigger busted ladies called Bravissimo. I was astounded when the sizes went up to a K sized cup (not the drinking K-cups! haha!). After watching the fitting video, I learned that the 38DD that I was wearing was the wrong size for me. It turns out that about 80% of American women aren't wearing the proper sized bra! I was even measured by the Victoria's Secret people and they put me in a DD b/c I think that's the largest they carry. It turns out that I'm actually a 34FF! HOLY CRAP!!!

Since then, I have been wearing bras from Bravissimo and recently found Bare Necessities that carry my size as well. (I got a cute bathing suit top from them.) I would like to thank my Fairy Godmother/Aunt Bev for getting these bras for me. We joke about how she "supports" me every day! Now that I have the every day bra sitch down, the issue of a sports bra needed to be addressed. At this point, I had to wear 2 sports bras. One that sucked the life out of me and left marks b/c it was so tight and a second one to hold everything in. I knew there had to be another way! Then, I saw something on Coleen Skeabeck's (BL #6) twitter about the Enell sports bra that the BL people wear on the ranch! I thought if those big people can work out with these boob slings, then they could work for me too! Once again, my Fairy Godmother sprang into action for my Christmas/Birthday present and got me a black and a white Enell. You can see what they look like below. It's kind of like a boob corset that totally passes the "Bounce Test" that every big busted girl has done.


So, since February, I have been enjoying the comfort and no-bounce that this bra gives me. I don't have to worry about the straps or the band on the bottom digging into me. The sizing is pretty easy too. You just have to measure yourself! I'm a size 2!!! I've never been a size 2 in anything before!

I'd love to hear your story! What do you wear to work out in up top?

Side note: Yesterday, I reached an astounding 114 views of my blog! I would like to personally thank every one of you! Please feel free to comment, even if you're just saying hi! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I haven't tried out too many, but I got a sports bra from Athleta a while back and I love it! It's called the Charity bra and it is really comfy and breathes well too (the back has a mesh panel). I'm pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum (32B), but I like this bra because when I put it on I don't instantly look like a 12 year old boy, lol

  2. For a while, I was double-braing it. What a pain in the rear. I'm Champion girl so I finally bit bullet and bought 4 of the powersleek. Woo hoo - no bouncey bouncey even during plyo workouts!

  3. I've been through a ton. The Enell actually didn't work for me; it was too tight around the rib cage so I couldn't breathe and too loose in the cup area so it didn't hold at all. The way the sizing is, there wasn't a size up or down that would fix it. I've found a couple that sort of hold things in but aren't the most comfortable (dig in various places, or other issues). So I still revert to doubling up a lot of the time. Maybe I'll actually find a miracle bra before I do my first marathon in November, but I'm not going to hold my breath! haha

  4. I feel like you are telling my life story. My normal size is a 34F/FF but I'm pregnant right now and probably sitting at about a 36G! I've also found great bras from Europe (Fantasie of England is great)- they are expensive but they have much bigger sizes, even for workout or nursing bras. Haven't tried bravvissimo or enell. There's one champion underwire style that technically only goes to a DD but fits really well and gives good support. I don't do double bras - the underwire is the way to go. The other brand I like I've cut all tags from and can't find the maker but I typically go to specialty stores and they have decent selection for both workout and swimwear. I have a 34 G swimsuit with a hidden underwire and it fits awesome!

  5. I like the Enell too. But if you want a lower cost option, the Chamption Action Shape bra is pretty good. I call it my "harness"