Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And the Award goes to...

PIZZA HUT!!! Haha. Just kidding... kinda. Last night, the stupid Pullman Transit bus was12 minutes late! Which was totally unacceptable b/c a) it was cold and b) I was starving! After the bus finally arrived, it was a speedy trip to my stop b/c there weren't many people in the bus due to the fact that it was so late that they thought they missed the last bus. Nice. I called Mother and wished her a Happy Birthday on my walk up the hill, let Heif out and was in the car as fast as a jiffy. (Not really sure where that phrase came from.) I bolted over to the Moscow PHut to find that there were road cones all over the place and the 8 different entrances I could choose from were all blocked off! So I went around the block, sorta, and figured out a way into the stupid parking lot! Erin was already there and had a Mountainy Dew waiting for me! Bless her heart! :D It was Monday, which means 2 Med pizzas with up to 3 toppings on each for $12. Erin got pepperoni times a bajillion on hers and I got chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes on mine. While we were waiting for our pizza, we got some sticks and marinara! Hey! If you're gonna be bad and splurge/celebrate, you might as well go all out and then be good when you're done.



                                                  <3 <3 <3 <3

We ate and chatted til about 8 and decided to head to the Hallway Mall to see if we could walk off some dinner/find anything that would fit us after each eating half a Med. pizza. :)

We started at Maurice's, which had jeans on sale for BOGO half off! Since the pair of jeans I had on could fit another 2 butt cheeks in them, I thought I would try and see if I could fit into a smaller size. I tried these on in a 7/8 short. AND THEY FIT!!!!!!
I haven't been in a size 7/8 anything since probably 8th grade?! I was amazed and happy. Amazed that they fit and they fit after eating as much pizza as I just had! DOUBLE AMAZING!!!! After my awe had passed, I decided to pass on the jeans b/c they didn't have a second pair that fit me to get the BOGO deal. There will be a next time!!!

Today, I'm back to eating normal, but only after waking up at 4am to let Heif out and having to down a glass of water b/c I was so parched! Stupid salt in my pizza!!! I had my Special K protein bar and for lunch I'm having my leftover fish from Friday. I'm planning on running my Pullman loop tonight but if the weather is nice and I feel good, I might just add on to it! :)

Do you ever have Mondays that start out amazingly bad but end pretty much near perfect?

Happy Tuesday everyone! And it's even sunny out and I rode the motorcycle to school today!
Bring it on World!!! :)

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