Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GRRRRRad school

Last night I was good and did the small loop around Pullman, which was 4 miles and I did it in under 52 mins. I didn't think that was bad considering some of the hills I have get to deal with. But the hills are a good thing. Why? You may ask? B/c I signed up for a 10K in Spokane, WA on June 4 called The Mountain Goat Challenge. From what I understand, the first 5K is all uphill and the 2nd 5K is all down hill. I thought this would be fun challenging since the last race I did was a 12K. There aren't a whole lot of races going on around here in the summer but I need to get myself in Running Shape for the Akron 1/2 Marathon that my mom and I are doing at the end of September when I go home. Note: I did not ask my mom to do this with me, she decided all on her own that she wanted to join in on my craziness and do this. Also, now she doesn't have an excuse not to work out b/c she "has to train." HAHA!

Today, I have been "Miss Crab Apple Pants" I'm not sure why but I've decided that I'm fed up with the world, but it's probably just for today. I think I'm just frustrated and need want a vacation. I has been since May of 2010 that I've had a vacation and I have on scheduled for September 2011, but I've had enough for right now! I've been in Grad school since August 2006. Yep! That will be 5 years in August. I think I'm just tired. Tired of living in Pullman. Tired of anything that can go wrong in my graduate career to do so. Tired of feeling like I'm spinning on a wheel and yet just THAT far away from graduation. I wish there was a checklist of things that you needed to do and then TA-DA! Here's your PhD. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. There are some hoops you need to jump through to say you're a PhD Candidate, but once you're there, it's all up to you/your research working out for you to graduate.

I guess I feel that I'm getting closer to the big 3-0 and feel like I should have a BIG GIRL JOB. I've been in school technically since 1990...21 YEARS OF SCHOOL!!!!! BARF!
I think I'm ready to be done with school, make some money and be able to move on with my life. I want to do a job that I love coming to every day that challenges me but is still fun.

Does anyone else feel like they are running on the wheel of life? Have you come up with any ways to work through this feeling? Any one gone through grad school and know how I feel?

Thanks for listening. Have a great Hump Day and hopefully my crabbiness won't continue tomorrow. :)


  1. I think you've guilted me into running the 1/2 marathon! remember....i'm an old lady now! but, yes! i am training so hopefully you dont have to drag me through it!

  2. Hills are totally good, they just feel like death when you're in the middle of them :)

  3. I am RIGHT there with you on the whole grad-student for life thing..... It makes me totally crabby too, followed by bouts of feeling completely defeated. Hanging out here in CO with a bunch of Scientists who get paid well to do what they like has been fantastic. Even though I don't get paid well, I am really enjoying all of the positive energy!