Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blonde Moments

I may be getting a PhD in Chemistry, but I am still blonde and allowed to have a few 'blonde moments' here and there. I had a good one last night.

I was driving to the gym, decked out in my new Fila jacket and Nike shorts with my Aspaeris compression shorts underneath to prevent the inevitable chub rub and my 26.2 apparel unicorn shirt, when I realized that I had forgotten my headphones. *Blonde Moment* At the time, I didn't think it would be that bad but also thought that it was either going to be a miserable workout or a short one.

I got to the gym and did my 30 min abs class and then it was time to run. I got on a treadmill that was by the tv's so I had something to watch and sadly couldn't only muster a mile without the tunes. I was mad at myself but this was the first time back to the gym after I was down for a week with the strep. It was one mile that I couldn't have done if I was on the couch. It was miserably slow but I got it done.

This workout started my first points for the HBBC and I'm so happy to finally be on the board. I'm doing good today already on the fruit and veggie front with 4 servings in already.

Last night after working out, I stopped at Walmart and picked up some apples, carrots, cubed squash, and some seafood salad. I ate the seafood salad while making cranberry mush and brussels sprouts. Don't worry. I didn't eat them together but I prepared them at the same time. It was super cool to see the cranberries burst! I had a slice of turkey with the mush and then a bowl of mush and a plate of b. sprouts. I did all of this while watching BL.

I know many people aren't really into this season, but I of course am. It is my Tuesday staple and I was sooo happy to see Makeover week! Everyone looked great! I was especially happy for Becky b/c she's now a size 10!! I wonder when she was there last? Good job lady!!

I'm not sure if I'm working out tonight but if I do anything, I HAVE to do the dishes. I have a pile in the sink that I need to take care of. Anyone want to do my dishes for me? :) They were one of my chores growing up and now I totally hate doing them.

What are your plans for tonight?

No luck Post Doc shopping so far. I've received a few "sorry no money" responses and a few "waiting for money responses." At least I'm getting responses! I even sent one in the mail yesterday b/c they won't respond to email correspondence. I enjoy getting mail like the next person, but this is the electronic age. Oh well.


  1. Bless you for getting a PhD in the stuff. I'm barely surviving undergrad chem classes! That said, I have a lot of blonde moments as well. Just today, I forgot to bring my ipod or my kindle with me to the gym. It was a really boring workout.

  2. ahhhh! thinking of you as you seek out post docs. i am still anxiously waiting to hear back from potential internship sites so i totally understand what you are going through!

    loving biggest loser and totally agree that Becky has done an incredible job!