Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!!

It seems like I have been doing a lot of that lately. I kind of fell off the planet over the holiday but am back now!

Thanks to all the new readers from SR that have stopped by. I love getting comments from anyone out there!

Backing up a whole lot, I spent Thanksgiving day with Erin and her family. It was a lot of fun with lots of people, food and football!! We went through all of the Black Friday ads and decided that we were going to Walmart to battle the crazies at 10pm.

We ended up at the Walmart about 9ish and were armed with carts and staked out our claim. I scored 2 new sets of sheets, one was 600 thread count for $20 and the other was a microfiber one for $7. Then I got a whole host of movies that ranged from $2-9.
Black Friday movies
I also got a Shopvac at Walmart for $20 and was very pleased with myself and am looking forward to using it.

After we left the crazy that was Walmart, we had over an hour to kill before Shopko opened up at midnight. We went and hung out at a bar, which was surprisingly busy for a Thanksgiving night, so I thought. But I was happy it was open. We went back to Shopko and waited in our car til it was time to open the doors. I got an electric kettle, a couple movies, a headlamp for running in the dark and a new travel mug.

I took the day off of shopping on Saturday and was supposed to get Heif groomed but they were closed. Yes, he's still stinky and yes I'm going to take care of it this Saturday. Instead I caught up on some of the new movies I bought. 

Sunday, I needed an escape from the Palouse and headed up to Spokane for some shopping. I had a Groupon to use for the Body Shop and that's where I went first. The whole store was 3 for $30 and if you spent $30 you could get a bag full of stuff for $25. So, I did that. Here's what I got and saved $130!!

On my way out, I got a black bubble tea (yum!) and wandered through Kohl's for a bit. I ended up with a cute new pinky ring, 2 pairs of running shorts, a running jacket and tshirt and a toy for Heif for $54 and saved another $130 b/c all the running stuff was on clearance! And I got some Kohl's Cash too! I was very proud of myself. 
Heif loves his polar bear toy!

Pinky ring
I got back to Pullman, but had one more stop to make. My key ring/ card holder was dying and I needed to replace it. I went to a store in town called Wild Ivy where they carry Vera Bradly stuff and got a new one, along with a card holder for when I go to San Diego to try and get a job, and a retractable tape measure. I might start measuring myself once a week to see how I'm doing. I've only got 4 more lbs to go until I get back to pre-vacation weight! I can do this!!
card holder, wallet, tape measure

When I got home, I was very domestic and finished washing my 4 loads of clothes, folded them AND put them away! I'm very good at washing, drying and folding but have never been good at the putting away part, so this was a big deal. Now, I have like 4 empty clothes baskets! I also took out the garbage and recycling and did my Christmas cards for the year! I also boxed up my wrapped presents to mail but that will have to wait til I can get to the post office on Saturday.

I think I am finally feeling 100% better after my fever weekend and want to go to the gym and run tonight. I have been doing horrible with my HBBC goings on b/c of the sickness and am getting back on track!!

Are you doing HBBC? Did you score any awesome Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?

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  1. love BF and CM shopping!!!! i mostly got clothes...work clothes. yay. haha. but i did get some sweet deals on movies as well! i totally saw you on SR!!!! you are super famous! i was so excited for you!