Friday, November 4, 2011

Back to Reality


No... This is not in reference to Eminem's 8 mile song, but that's good to work out to.

The title is in reference to me getting back on the workout train. After my half in Spokane in early October, I pretty much took a break from working out because I had been training for the half distance since May. That break turned into me eating a lot of crap and gaining 10 lbs!!! It's amazing how hard and long it takes to work the weight off but how it just flies back to you!

With that in mind, I signed up for the Pile on the Miles challenge that Monica @ Run Eat Repeat is hosting. All you have to do is get at least 5 miles in per week to qualify for the weekly drawing of the prizes. The challenge runs the month of November and since the month started on a Tuesday and your totals have to be posted on the spreadsheet by Friday at 8am, I got my 5 miles in Tuesday night. I ended up doing a BOSU Abs Blast class with the lovely Halley before that. So November started off well.

Last night after group meeting (about 8 or so), I went to the gym to get in some more miles. I have decided that over the winter I want to get faster and do better for a half I have planned in March in Lewiston (about 40 mins south). I did a speed workout and did intervals at a 8:34 pace on and off for 4 mins and then slowed down to a 9:14 pace for 4 mins. My legs were toast and I only got in 2 miles but I'm on my way now. Also, I wore my new shirt that I got in the mail Wed. from 26.2 apparel. I got the plain black and pink one. It is SOOO soft that I swear that it is made out of unicorn hair! I also got a 30% discount from a code I got from SkinnyRunner.

Other shopping I have done lately is get a pair of Aspaeris compression shorts in black b/c they had a code for 50% off on their facebook page! I'm excited to get them and try them out. I also bought a new coat b/c the one I'm rocking I've had for about 3 years now and was a genius and for white sleeves and aren't really white anymore. The new one is a Columbia Whirlibird Interchange parka in black plaid! Bring on the rain and dirt!! I'm super excited to get this baby supposedly on Monday!! :D

Next up for the month is the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge hosted by Amanda @ Run to the Finish. This challenge is longer going from Nov. 19 - Jan. 3. This way it covers all of the holiday time. You can run, lift weights, yoga, pretty much anything to stay active and log your points according to the activity done. There are prizes for this as well. There is still time, so go sign up and join the challenge with me!! :)


In addition to getting back to the sweat machine, I have been doing better about eating healthy and tracking what I eat. I have found if I write down what I've eaten I'm more accountable and don't reach for the bad stuff as often. I've started using the 'Calorie Counter' app on my phone that was free for you iPhone users. I still have my notebook to track my Weight Watchers PointsPlus points but haven't been as diligent with that. I will get on it.

As well as the healthy train, sadly the Saturday Farmers' market has ended. I've vowed to spend the time I spent at the market either running or focusing on research. I need to work harder on getting all of my reading/writing/ research done so I can get done. I have applied to one Post Doc position and I will be attending the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego from March 25-29 in 2012. So, if any of you out there live close to San Diego, I'd love to meet you while I'm there!! I've never been to Cali before and I'm excited to see what San Diego has to offer. If you have any city tips or spots to hit, please let me know!

Ok. I need to finish things up for the day b/c Erin and I are having a healthy pamper party for ourselves. This includes getting our nails done, possibly froyo and Subway for dinner. I'm not sure if I'm going to get my toes done b/c they are a mess and I have hairy legs (TMI, too bad! :)) but I'm definitely getting my fingers done. I'm going to try the new Shellack polish that is guaranteed for 14 days because it's supposedly resistant to the chemicals I work with. We will see and I will show you the results!

Have a great weekend! Good luck to all of the racers on both coasts!!

What are you up to this weekend?

Anyone that would like me to try their running apparel or products, especially for ladies of the bustier variety, please contact me and I'd be more than glad to help you out! :)

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  1. awesome awesome job on your intervals!!!! sounds like an intense workout! i will think of you on my run tomorrow...we can motivate each other from afar :) haha!