Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Treadmill Blues

I have been very good at keeping up on my at least 5 miles per week with the #POTM challenge. But I have learned through this experience that I miss running outside. I miss warm temperatures outside (it's currently 34) and I miss having daylight after 5pm.

I have also come to realize that I suck at running on the treadmill. Outside, I was able to reach a comfortable 10 min/ mile pace but on the mill I'm somewhat struggling with a 12-13 min/ mile pace. What gives? I thought running on a treadmill was supposedly easier than running outside?!

It doesn't help that I usually watch tv while I'm running and have to keep focused on what I'm doing or I'll get ripped off the thing. That almost happened when I was watching the Steelers last weekend. Not good! :)

Does anyone have any help for me?

My main struggle is that I had hoped to get faster over the winter but find myself only discouraged by my performance. :(

In more fun news, I made gingerbread with lemon sauce on Sunday!! :) It was quite yummy and as of this morning, my double batch of lemon sauce was gone and I need to make more. It's just sooo easy to eat the sauce right out of the pan! :)
A taste test...

Lemon sauce!!!

Maybe if I can get my 'Treadmill Blues' under control, I will feel better about my performance and get more miles in. 

I am excited for the HBBC to start up this weekend!! I'm debating on doing a 4 miler down in Lewiston but the high in Pullman is supposed to be 26 for the day, so that might not happen. :)

Any help/ comments/ suggestions would be amazing!! Thanks ahead of time!


  1. The TM took so long for me to work into...at first it just felt awkward and no amount of watching tv could keep me occupied longer than 2 miles. plus i just always feel slow. i think the best thing for me is to switch it up...even on easy runs. i dont overdo it on those runs...but i still try to switch up something. speeds, inclines, etc. it keeps me motivated and the run goes by much quicker! plus...i am often struggling because i am not pushing myself hard enough on the TM! Good luck!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment your blog is so cute!!! We actually drove through where you are on our adventure here and the only thing I remember about the city was stoping at 3 AM to buy entergy drinks and sugar snacks.. it was a ROUGH day lol we eventually made it to Seattle though, but I def plan on exploring the state soon! We follow a lot of the same blogs too SO neat! I'll def be following you to keep up with all things Washington :)