Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Good

So it is Tuesday and I have been good and have been to the gym the last 2 days in.a.row!! Yes. I know this may be shocking but I'm totally taking this losing weight thing serious this time around.

Sunday, I went to the gym after hanging out with Laura all day and got 5 miles in while watching the Steelers lose to those stupid birds in the second half. I was hopefull and cheering on the TM and then was sad and pouty after while I was stretching. I was hoping for a long run of 10 miles this weekend, but 5 was all I had in me. I think I need to work on slowly ramping up my mileage b/c the last thing I need is to get hurt and then I really will get plump!

Monday, I had a lightning last GPSA meeting and ate dinner while I was there. I had time to ride the bus home and try on my new Aspaeris compression shorts and my new Columbia jacket while I was getting ready for my 8:10 TRX class. I decided that these shorts are amazing and take high school volleyball spandex to a whole new level! I didn't think I could pull off just the tight-y shorts, so I threw some capris on over them and called it good. I went and worked it out for an hour and had jello arms and legs to show for it when I was done.

Work out 2 days in a row? Check!

Tonight I'm planning on going to Halley's Ab Blast and then pounding out another 5 miles for the Pile on the Miles challenge. I didn't win any prizes last week but I'm still hopeful and I got my 5 miles in for the week already to qualify me. Anything over that I'm calling a bonus. I'm excited for the HBBC to get started up here soon so I can count my TRX and Abs classes too. Either way, I'm well on my way to turning this thing around.

Have you signed up for HBBC? It's on my left side bar if you're still interested. It's gonna be a lot of fun!! :)

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  1. great job friend!!!!! you are doing awesome. i am excited for HBBC too! i think its going to be sooo motivating!