Tuesday, November 1, 2011

48 Hours Concert - Day 2

I apologize for it taking me so long to get Day 2 of the 48 Hours Festival up, but things have been busy around here! Halloween has been fun yet stressful, but I say bring on Thanksgiving and Black Friday!! :) Who's with me?!

On to the good stuff...

We ended up getting to the grounds a bit early and caught the very first act on the smaller stage. This band is called Valora and has to chicks in it and a chick lead singer... Look out Lzzy Hale!!

Syd, lead singer of Valora

The other girl on the keys
Then we moved to the main stage to see 10 Years! We've seen these guys before but always love seeing them b/c Jesse always goes into the crowd and seems to relate to the fans.

The drum head

Jesse and drummer guy

Cute bass guy

Guitarist and screamer guy

Jesse and screamer

Next up was Erin's favorite band called Sick Puppies that 2/3 of them are from Australia, the lead and the chick bassist, Emma. The drummer's name is Mark as to not leave anyone out. :)

Emma on the bass

Mark drumming

Shim signing and playing guitar

After the Pups, we went to the smaller stage to see Art of Dying and got to meet the band and get autographs after the set! They were all super nice, but when are Canadians ever mean but on the hockey ice? :) While we were waiting for the rest of the band's signatures, we missed Seether on the big stage but they sounded good.

We moved back to the big stage to see 3 Days Grace but wasn't really impressed when we had seen them 2 weeks prior. They have good music but nothing to wow me.

Singer and drummer


I'm not a big fan of their lighting.

Next up was Godsmack!! Erin and I had seen them a few years back in Spokane and weren't technically allowed to take pictures but I did any way on my phone. These are WAAAAAYYYY better shots!! :) I <3 Sully!!


Rocking out with a knee brace?

Sully dueling on the drums with the drummer!

And then they moved around

It was awesome to see dueling drummers b/c I had never seen that before and didn't know that Sully was a drummer before either! We were kind of far away at this point, but my feet and spine were screaming at me at this point. We were far enough back that we could sit on the ground and relax.

To finish the show and the festival was Korn. I'm not a big fan of them but can now say that I have seen them live. The lead singer was running around in a kilt which was amusing and different and at one point busted out the bagpipes! You don't see that at a rock concert every day!


Jonathan Davis' kilt and weird mic stand

...And then we saw this!
I think Erin and I have come to the conclusion that people don't own mirrors anymore and/or just don't care what they wear or what they look like in public.


Overall, it was a great experience and I'd love to go back someday but I can't say that I'm in a hurry to do it anytime soon. It would be awesome to go run with everyone in Vegas in December, but it's not in my budget cards for now.

After leaving the concert, we made our way to the Bellagio via a tram and some walking just in time for the fountain show. It was like Fantasia at my finger tips!!

After the show we went inside on our way back to the tram and saw this amazing work of art in the side lobby!!

The water mill

Creepy talking tree


Giant orange pumpkin for Erin


Giant cornucopia

Wagon of goods

giant very red apple

Festive leaves in the ceiling

This made my night!! we hobbled back to NY NY and caught a cab to In-N-Out Burger. It was my first time!

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  1. i love how you always get SO many awesome pics! i kinda want that first girl's hair. and yes...that talking tree looks very creepy!