Friday, September 30, 2011

Back in Pullman

Happy Friday everyone!

Just to note, my last post was written before I left home and then just got around posting it today. So, double dose of me for you all! I know you're excited! :)

My trip back to the PNW was pretty uneventful, which is good.

Wednesday started out by me packing all of my things that I have acquired in the last 2 weeks into 2 suitcases. Before packing, I had to properly fuel myself with a maple cream stick since they don't make these awesome donuts in the PNW.
There should be filling in all stick donuts!!
One ended up being 1.5 lbs overweight and they let it slide. Thanks Southwest!! Then, I met up with Mom for a good bye lunch at McD's to find out that they have started the Monopoly again! I got a free fry and a free McFlurry! We said our final good byes and Mother and Papa took me to the Pittsburgh airport. I got my bags checked curbside and said goodbye to Mother & Papa. I got through security and then fueled up again.
Pumpkin pie chai and truffles

Strawberry truffle

Creme brule truffle
My plane ended up being a half hour late to Vegas but didn't bother me b/c I had a 2 hour layover anyway. Since it was a 4 hour flight, we got lots of food on the trip.
Love the airplane shaped cookies!
I arrived in Vegas and was disappointed by the aiport. It seemed super old and crummy. It seems in despirate need of a remodel that seemed to be going on in parts of the C terminal that I was in. I got a monster cup of tea from Starbucks, ate my ham salad sadnwich, leftover stirfry and raspberry dessert and decided to try my luck.
Slot machines in the airport.
I put $5 in the machine and ended up winning about $7.25 but played until I ran out of money. It wasn't as fun as I was expecting it to be. :( But I can say that I gambled in Vegas!

I got into Spokane about 20 mins early and my old boss came and picked me up b/c I parked my car at his house. I was on the road for Pullman by 11:45 and rolled into my driveway at 1am. I had the joy of teaching at 8am the next morning, so I unpacked enough to get by and went to bed. 

Thursday, I went and taught labs at school all day and had group meeting. I came home, thanked my awesome neighbors Lisa & David for watching over my house and kids and went to Walmart b/c I had ZERO food in my house. $75 later, I have a stocked fridge and freezer and a happy tummy. 

I sat down to watch some tv and this happened.
Immy on my lap
She must have missed me b/c she NEVER cuddles on me. I love how needy and talkative she is and am wondering how long it will last. Doesn't matter though b/c I love it!!

On a side note... my new camera was delivered today, so you can expected lots  better pictures from me in the future! :)

Are your animals soooo excited to see you after you've been gone?

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