Monday, September 12, 2011

...And the Mountain Won!

Well peeps... I faced the Mountain and the Mountain won. Moscow Mountain that is... Yesterday I was slapped in the face with my very first DNF. I was a little sad but after 3 hours and about 9 miles, my legs were toast. This is what I was up against...

Let's start from the beginning...
I woke up at 6:40 after being up a few times in the night in fear of missing my alarm. I got ready and ate my chocolate protein oats. I watched the 9/11 coverage on tv and did a good job of fighting the tears.

I remember exactly where I was. I was in Miss Shattuck's AP English class. We turned on the tv and I'm pretty sure we watched the second plane hit the tower. I think the school was on lock down for a while and we weren't allowed to leave our rooms. I remember when I got home from school that Mom and I tried to go give blood to help but they were too crazy and turned us away. It was just a weird helpless feeling. I think I remember someone saying they saw the plane that crashed in PA fly over b/c we were in the flight path once they turned around. I thank everyone who did all they can on that day 10 years ago and thank those who have given their lives fighting for our freedom ever since. 

I left the house about 7:50 and waited for my friend, Monika, who I was following b/c she knew where to go and was volunteering for the race since she's hurt. While I was waiting, I took some pictures b/c I was bored.
Scared for my first half marathon

My itty bitty ponytail since I got my hair cut on Wed.
Monika showed up and we drove to Moscow Mountain. I got my gear on, got my number. Bought a commerative pint glass for $5 and walked it back to my car. Then we walked up to the starting line.
See the plate on the tree? That's the START.
We started and everyone took off. I knew I was in trouble when I was having to walk not even a half mile into it. It wasn't long when I couldn't see any of the other racers in front of me. I kept telling myself 'I didn't train for THIS!' I have done plenty of hill work around Pullman but nothing like this. I guess I was expecting a trail run to be like a gravel trail or logging road. Nope! Here are some pictures I took along the way...
small uphill

I still see people!

Pretty and some shade!

Enough of a trail for your foot to fit.

That's a downhill but you can't really tell.

A lovely uphill.

Fancy course arrows.

Those would be root "steps" built in. I think I was crawling at this point.
I made it to the first water station at about 1:45 and was pretty much out of fluids. They claimed that the water station was at 4.5 miles but my GPS said 6.5. I even had to stop and take a breather on a rock b/c I couldn't go anymore. I could  have crabwalked up some of these trails so I didn't tumble down them. I don't know how people ran up this crap!

When I reached the water station, I had decided that I was calling it quits then. After drinking some fluids and chilling for a minute, I felt better, filled my water bottle and took off for the next loop of a supposed 4.5 miles. It took me another 1:15 to do the next loop but I walked most of it at the end. I felt pretty good when I started out and even ran a bit. When I got to the hilly parts my legs just didn't have the juice. I even ate a whole package of cranraz shot blocks and it definitely helped me feel better but didn't perk up my legs at all.

I reached the water station again and officially waived the white flag at this point. I was the last one on the course and didn't want to either die on the way down the mountain or make the volunteers wait for me any longer. 3 hours was enough at this point. To make things even better, it was 90 here yesterday. SWEET!!

I rode down the mountain with the people manning the water station and their dog. They were super nice. I got a cookie and wandered my way back to my car. I got home about 1:50.

I plugged my dead phone in, took a shower and then packed Heif in the car b/c it was 'Dog Day at the Water Park'. The last day the pool is open, they hold a fundraiser for the dog shelter and open the pool up to dogs to swim in. Heif loved it!! He was afraid of going where he couldn't touch at first, but after falling in twice and seeing that swimming wasn't so bad, he would fetch toys out of the deep end.

We came home, we were exhausted and I ate my head's weight in taboule that was left over from the Frenchie's good bye party the night before. I also had some fruit salad and some candy before I fell into a run coma on the couch. I woke up and felt like I needed something. I texted Erin to see if she was down for Jamms. At first she said she didn't feel up to it but eventually cracked. I stopped at Zip's a local burger joint on the way b/c I was in despirate need for some meat! And a Mountain Dew. Duh!

I got my usual PB/ cake batter swirl with graham cracker dust, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, mochi and marshmallow syrup! It was a good end to the night! I came home and put dishes away, loaded up the dishwasher and started a new load and worked on cleaning my kitchen and packing up my weird food stuffs that I'm packing to take home with me.

I have one suitcase pretty fully packed and another one to go with the last minute stuff. I have boarding passes and I'm getting antsy! I'm super excited to be going on vacation and seeing my family!! This time tomorrow, I will be parked in the Phoenix airport with a 3 hour layover and then on my way to Pittsburgh!!

How was your weekend?

Anyone else going on vacation or any fun trips?


  1. Have fun on your trip!!!!Remember to listen to your body and don't do the whole race while you're there if you don't feel it. Though, don't forget YOU CAN DO IT! :) Stay in touch!

  2. Awesome attempt at that trail-half! It looked tough! The thing about a dnf is that you learn from them. I made it through my Ironman but man do I have a list of things to change for the next one! It's all a learning process. Great job and great race report!

  3. 9 miles is no joke either, and it looks like a tough course, you will get the chance for redemption next year