Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Week #2

Week #2 of my visit home started out with a trip to the Grove City, PA Outlet Mall. I scored some major deals from the Adidas outlet and got some new running tights for $40! Then I went to GAP and got a few things. Followed by the Steeler store, where I got a shirt and 2 antenna boppers for my car b/c I lost my old one and now I have a spare. On the way home from the Outlets, I stopped at Primanti Brother's for a Pitts-burger!! This sandwich is amazing and has the fries and coleslaw already on it!! I got one for my sister too. 
I drove to the Penn State Shenango campus and met Ky (my sister) for lunch. We ate at a lovely picnic table b/c it was nice out and then she gave me a quick tour of the campus, which included a stop at the bookstore, which was way small! :)

After the race on Saturday, we went to Niles, OH where there's another mall and we were on a mission for Gander Mountain. I used to work there in college and was happy to see some familiar faces after being gone all this time. On the way home, we stopped at the D&D (Dunkin Donuts), and I got my monster sized cup of tea with milk and sugar! They put the stuff in for you! You can note one of my new BondiBands and the bad hair b/c I was totally exhausted at this point. Not soon after, we realized that my compression socks smelled like horse poop and I promptly took them off when we got home and put my old man back ups on.                                                

D & D Heaven!
On Monday, I went to Sheetz, which is a gas station but they have made-to-order (MTO) food, with Ky and I got a big tea, a Shmuffin and a Shmagel!! And I ate them both! They were great!! Then Ky dropped me off at work with mom b/c I was stealing her car to visit some friends before she was off work. I hung out with mom at work for a while and then we got some lunch and went to the park to eat it.
Casino and fountain lake

Funky black and white ducks

Running path through the park

A nosey squirrel

The park's lake swans

more running path

I want to run here! Do you?!
After lunch, I headed home for a bit and then went to my friend Amanda's house and she drove to our friends' Lisa & Mark's house in Leroy, OH. There were lots of storms that day and their power was out when we got there, but I got to hang out with their one kitty Mandu... as in Cat-Mandu!
The storm's moving in! 
On Tuesday, Mom got off work early and we went shopping for my 'Last Meal at Home.' I decided on chicken stirfry with raspberry dessert for dessert. I HAD to pair it with a Mountainy Dew!!
Last meal!
Raspberry Dessert!!
Then it was time for the chores and I had realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of the other critters, so here they are...
Barn kitties

Chip & Gypsy



Ace with his blue eye

Ollie the Mule

Joey & Jasper the goats

Mr. Peeper the Rooster

The babies getting ready for bed!

I had a great trip home and was sorry to leave but was ready to get back to my real life. I look forward to my next trip home and plan on it not being so long again before it happens.

Do you like going back home?

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