Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Week #1

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but I've been having a great time at home! I'm getting to see lots of people that I haven't seen in a long time, but that happens when you haven't been home in a year and a half!

Here is my time at home so far in pictures...

My view from the Phoenix airport during my 3 hour layover.
Airport food: Froyo and a Cinnabon churro

Cute-sy airplane crackers

Airplane food feast! It was a 4 hour flight.
Sleeping Schmuffy

baby horses L-R: Bolt, Ziggy, Cami                              
Parent's back yard

Parent's back yard

Parent's back yard


A Steelers' DQ 'cupcake'

My sister coaching volleyball
Fabulous fried fish dinner!! I was in heaven! Thank you Catholics!

My sister showing me some fry love

Dad and Papa getting wood for the bonfire

Cole or I call him CoCo

Dad riding the tractor... he's in love with that thing!

The guard geese: Hank and Charlie

One of the many chickens

Mom cooking hotdogs at the BBQ

Dad's turn to cook

The spread at the party

Hooking up the hay wagon

Hay ride!!!

Sisterly love!

Dad taking us for a hay ride!
Me holding Ms. Henny

Me holding Charlie. He was not happy and whacked me in the face just before this picture.

My sleeping friend, Cole, on the futon with me.

My new high school gym

The pitiful student section at the game.

Warming up...
I've had lots of fun so far being home! I've got more to document but that will have to be round 2. 

Tomorrow we leave to go to the Akron Race Expo. Mom gets off at 2 and we're going to head over and check in and meet up with Sandy (works with Mom) and her hubby Rob who are running the race with us! We are gonna cruize the Expo and maybe land some awesome stuff and then head to Olive Garden and carbo load with the $8.95 All You Can Eat pasta, salad and breadsticks!! I'm hopefully going to meet up with Kali from Finishing Firsts.  The race starts at 7am on Saturday. I will be sure to give a race recap for my hopefully first completed half marathon! :)

Any last minute Half Marathon racing tips or tricks?


  1. That party looks AMAZING! I love hay rides!! :)

  2. awwww! love all your pics and so glad that you are having a blast at home. i am flying back west tomorrow :/ so crazy how time goes by so fast! enjoy every second you are with your fam and hope that the race is/was amazing!

  3. Love all the great pictures. My mom grew up in Ohio and moved here to MT when she was in high school. I have family there still but I have never been. Hoping to go someday. Thanks for following my blog. My best advice is hydrate at every stop, and don't go out to fast. Try to run the second half faster than the first which means going slightly slower than goal pace to start out with. Good luck!

  4. Enjoy time at home!!! Congrats on your HM!