Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazies before Vacation

Goodness! Where to start?!

The craziness that will be my life for the next 5 days, until I leave for vacation to go home for 2 weeks, started yesterday. I got my hair cut and colored for my trip home. (I was looking pretty haggard in the hair department.) The cut is a tad shorter than I had planned but it doesn't look bad and will give me a little more grow time until my next visit. Then, I had an office hour from 4-5 and group meeting from 5-7. I rushed home and met up with Erin and we went to Cougar Country for a burger and fries. The burger ended up being bigger than my face and I ate it all and then my tummy was ANGRY b/c it was full of burger. I would have taken a picture but we didn't eat til about 7:30 and by then I was starving! Then at 8:45 I had a softball game in Moscow. We were down 13-6 in the 2nd inning and ended up coming back and tying it up in the 7th and had to play an extra inning and we won 19-14!!! YAY!! Sadly this will probably be my last softball game unless we do the playoffs. I think they are optional.

Today, I am a prisoner of Fulmer 401 because instead of teaching from 8-11 and 2-5, I have to sit in this room and be available to help students on their worksheet lab due to the Holiday on Monday. On top of that, I have office hours from 12-2. My only break from this room is from 11-12 for lunch. I have taken a tea break and a few potty breaks so far. Tonight I have an abs class from 6:30-6:50. I would like to do some kind of activity tonight but my legs are so freaking sore from playing catcher last night! Not just sore from the squatting, but also sore from the balls hitting me in the shins/knees. I even have lace marks!

Friday, I have Melissa's PhD Defense at 9am, organic lecture at 10, a McNair free lunch at 12 and the afternoon to get stuff done.

Saturday, I have the day to pack and get the last minute things organized and at 7pm I have a Good Bye party for the Frenchies b/c they leave on Tuesday with me, but they get to go to France.

Sunday, I have my practice half marathon around Moscow Mountain that is called Moscow Mountain Madness. I'm just hoping to survive. I may or may not be able to function after this event, so I'm leaving the evening open just in case I'm comatose on the couch.

Monday, the morning is open but I have Departmental seminar at 4, a GPSA meeting at 5:30 and then I may or may not go up to Spokane Monday night. I'm not sure yet. My flight doesn't leave til 11:20 but it might be better to be in Spokane. I'm still debating that one.

Tuesday, I fly from Spokane to Phoenix, where I have a 3 hour layover and then fly to Pittsburgh and get in at 12:10am EST and then get to drive the hour-ish home. Good thing my body with be on Pacific time b/c that won't seem so late then! :)

Ok. Enough rambling about how busy I am. I'm going to try and help some students now. Have a great weekend.

Do you have any suggestions for how to prepare for my race this weekend? Anything would be great!

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  1. Stay hydrated and prepare a mental strategy for the ups and downs of the race. Pick a few awesome mantras to refer to when you need them :) HAVE FUN! ENJOY THE PAIN-- That's what you signed up for!! -Cat