Monday, October 3, 2011

Uproar Spokane 2011

After yesterday, Erin and I have another concert in the books! This was the Rockstar Energy Uproar tour.

Tickets and fancy lanyard thing
The show started outside with the first stage. There was a local battle of the bands winner that was up first, but we missed them. We walked around and got our merch we were after (A7X shirts of course!). Then we made our way to the stage to listen.

First up was Hell or Highwater. They were pretty good but we missed most of their set because we were walking around. 

Next up was Black Tide. They were pretty good and had a few songs I knew and a drummer with abs of steel!
Rock on abs!

Hello! :)

He was cute but you can thank Blogger for the side view.
Then Art of Dying was on. They were surprising a band of all older looking guys but didn't have the older 80s rock sound. They were pretty current sounding and I knew at least 2 of their songs!
Their stage

Lead singer

The boys rocking out
The headliner on the small stage was Sevendust. I've seen them before and they never disappoint! But I've never seen them this close before. We had some fool jumping like a crazy and beating Erin up so she didn't have fun and lots of my pictures ended up being too blurry. :( Here are some good ones...
I think they like baseball...

The band

LJ's birthday is today and he got all teary on stage! Aww!
Then we moved inside with the heard of people that were working on making it in the arena after the Sevendust set. A band called Escape the Fate was on. I can't say that I knew any of their songs and we were still figuring out camera stuff so the pictures aren't too hot.
Hello stupid lighting boom!

some of the band
Up next was Bullet for My Valentine, which is a British band that is pretty heavy screamy music but is good to run to. :) I enjoyed when they talked b/c I could hear the accent.
Their banner

A great crowd!

Can you see the screams? :)
They were a good band but obviously not as good live as they are on the albums. Next was Seether. They are a band from South Africa and I learned last night that there are only 3 guys in the band. Because of this, they didn't do anything fancy but stood up there and played.
The banner

The singer is an amazingly big dude!!
They played all of their old big hits and a few songs from their new album. I enjoyed their set even if they didn't hop around like crazies.

Second to last was Three Days Grace, which is a Canadian band. Wow! We were very international yesterday! They had a fun set but the lead vocals were too loud and overpowering so I didn't enjoy that. I was surprised and the number of songs of theirs that I knew. 
Three Days Grace

With the pit
Finally, the band that Erin and I had been waiting all day for was up... Avenged Sevenfold. We love these guys and this is the second time we've seen then this year. They show a lot of love to the PNW and we greatly appreciate it b/c lots of bands forget about us!
The GIANT Death Bat, drum set and Johnny

The boys!!

Look at those arms! I melt!

The awesome crowd and the Circle of Death in the middle
It was a great show!! I look forward to the next show! One thing Erin and I learned was that we are getting too old to be thrashed around in the pit and that people no longer own mirrors. Here is prime example A of that!!
Can we say "EWWWWW!!?!"
Have you been to any concerts lately? Did you go see Uproar at another city?

How was your weekend?

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  1. ummmm are those guys abs real!?!?!?! holy cow!!!! i love all the concerts you get to go fun!