Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

Hello All!

I'm sorry I have been MIA for the last week but I am still recovering and editing pictures from being in Vegas.

I thought a Fun Facts Friday post about me would be fun, so you can learn more about me, b/c I know you want to! ;)

1. This trip to Vegas was my first exploration of Sin City!!

   Erin and I had a lot of fun but didn't get to do much touristy stuff while we were there because the concert took up a lot of time. But... while we were there...
   1. We rode the roller coaster on NY NY.
   2. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and had an awesome server that was a lot of fun!
   3. We went to M&M World.
   4. We watched the Bellagio fountain show. (It was like Fantasia!!)
   5. We walked most of the strip and rode one of the trams.
   6. We took a cab to In-N-Out Burger!!
   7. I'm sure there's lots more but 6 is good for now.

2. Yesterday in lab, I had a student have an accident and ended up having to get stitches in his hand!! This was probably the most interesting/ exciting moment of teaching I've ever had. This is how it went down.

I was looking for a bandaid b/c I had just skinned a knuckle trying to get a hose off of a spigot and the student rushed past me saying "Cortney! I f'ed up!" I thought he meant he screwed up the experiment, which isn't totally a big deal. I located a bandaid and then realized that the student has his hand in a sink with flowing water. Turns out, he somehow broke a graduated cylinder (for measuring and made of glass) with concentrated sulfuric acid in it and it stabbed him in the fat of his thumb region. It was a pretty good wound, so the lab manager wrapped him up with gauze to see if he could finish the experiment. He was close to bleeding through the gauze, so we sent him to the student health center. He had a 3 mm cut in his hand and had to get stitches. Poor kid!

3. I have gotten over my fear of eating raw fish.

When I was in high school and wanted to be a surgeon still, I went to the National Leadership something on Medicine at Villanova. There was a talk there about people eating raw fish and then getting parasites from these fish and bad things happened to them. (Hint: fish parasites can be as long as 30+ ft!!) EWWW!! So, since then I have been afraid of getting said parasite. I went out for sushi and had spicy tuna. IT WAS GOOD!! And I haven't died or noticed I was eating more and not gaining weight due to a parasite. SCORE!! So now, I am a fan of the spicy tuna. I'm not sure if I'm ready just yet for the rainbow roll, but I have expanded my horizons!

4. I sacrificed my body for good pictures of A7X!

This one may not surprise you but we bring Erin's Mom's fancy old camera to the shows b/c it has an awesome zoom and a sports setting so not every picture is blurry from them jumping around. After Adelita's Way and before Hollywood Undead came on, the 90 degree heat and lack of fluids due to the $4 price tag on a bottle of water was getting to Erin, so she escaped the mass of bodies that was the pit in front of the stage. I stayed with the camera because I had never had the chance to be this close to the A7X boys before and opted to sacrifice my body. HU was pretty calm. There were a hoard of crowd surfers for Five Finger Death Punch b/c they riled up the crowd. But A7X was pretty calm. It was worth it and I will show you the fruits of my labor soon!!

5. I'm still waiting for my Halloween costume to arrive!!

Little did I know that when I ordered my jersey for my Troy Polamalu costume that it was coming all the way from CHINA!!! I ordered the dumb thing on Oct. 5. I received an email on Oct. 7 saying that there was a little delay on the shipment because Sept 30-Oct 5 they celebrate the National Day of China. No biggie. Right? WRONG!! As of Oct. 19, I had still not received the package and emailed them. They said that is takes 15 days to ship from China and that they were sorry that the shipping company is slow to update the status on the tracking information. Never again will I order anything from China. NEVER AGAIN CHINA!!!

6. I had some weird fears growing up.

There would be times that I would be sitting on the school bus on my way to school and I would have a total mental freakout in my head. Did I forgot to put on a bra? Was I wearing pants?! No idea how or why these things came to me when I was on the bus and it was already too late. But was never an issue. I must have had a really good autopilot getting ready for school that I didn't think of these things.

Did you have any weird fears growing up?
I promise to work on my pictures and have an awesome post for each day that I was there!! :)

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