Monday, October 24, 2011

Vegas - Day 1

I must apologize for the Vegas posts coming to you so late, but I had about 800 pictures to go through and edit for your viewing pleasure... for your sake, I'm not posting them all, but now you know you're getting the good ones...

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Erin and I got to the airport earlier than we needed to after our "Vegas Breakfast of Champions" which consisted of a donut or 2 and a Mountainy Dew. We needed as much energy as we could get at this point.
I'm going to Vegas!!! look...

Erin's going too!!!
We made it to Vegas on our direct flight from Spokane and tried to get an airport shuttle but no dice b/c they didn't go that far down the strip. :( So we had to get a cab. My first taxi ride EVER, btw!!
The taxi line up...

Our number to wait on...
We had a van taxi and a really nice driver named Cleo. He was an older guy that was very chatty and welcoming. We got to our hotel and checked in...

We were about 3 hours early for our room being ready, so we checked our bags and waited for the shuttle to hit the strip. 

We drove down the strip and my inner tourist had to take pictures...
The official sign!

The Luxor, the concert is across the street...

NY NY... we rode on that coaster!

The Hard Rock where we will have dinner...
We got off the shuttle and just walked around. We stopped at the ABC Store and got some souvenirs and other stuff... We made a reservation at the Hard Rock for 9 and then ended up at the M&M World!

Erin likes ORANGE

...and I like BLUE!!
We left the M&M World with of course some M's. Mine were only peanut ones and Erin's were only orange, duh! We caught the shuttle back to the hotel b/c our room was ready. 

The hotels on the ride back to the room...

We made it back to the room and hung out for a bit and got ready to go out for the night. 

We came back to the strip and went to the Hard Rock as planned for dinner. We had the best server, named Anthony, and had a great time!! We started off with these...
Erin and her Cherry Bomb

My, was a fruity frozen drink...

Erin's collection of stir sticks

My magical drink #2 that I have no idea what it was but was good!

Erin in a sea of stir sticks

What the bar looked like

The view out my window where we were sittting

Our free mini dessert... Anthony was AWESOME!!
We were on our way to leave the HR when a man was handing out fliers for an event going on on the 3rd floor. It was for Indy Racing. We were game, so back up the stairs we went. We were then shuttled from driver to driver and got autographs. It was really fun. It turns out this was the Honda Racing Team party!! Then we started talking to this girl named Britnee and it turns out that she was the girlfriend of Chris Vrenna who used to be in Nine Inch Nails and that band started in Erie, PA!!!! He even went to Kent State for some time! Small world! We got his autograph too!!

We left the party and walked our way up the strip in hopes to watch the Bellagio fountain show. It turns out that it only runs til midnight and it was about 12:30, so no dice on that one. We caught the shuttle to go back to the hotel and relaxed in the hot tub for a bit and then passed out to get ready for Concert Day 1!!

This might seem a bit vanilla for Vegas but it was my first trip and you have to start somewhere!!

Day 2 to come next!!

Have you ever been to VEGAS?

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