Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spokane 1/2 Marathon Recap

Hello all!

Yes, I am still hobbling around like an 80 year old woman but am doing better than I did the first time with this dance. Yesterday was a busy day at work and I didn't get around to writing this blog, so I'm doing it now while I'm covering someone's lab section while we have a "paper lab" this week. That translates to me being able to work on the computer in between students asking me questions. It's good for me but not so good on the lab work front. I am technically running a giant column if anyone is concerned.

On Sunday, Erin was gracious enough to be my driver after I asked her b/c I didn't think I would be able to make the 1.5 hour trip after running 13.1. She picked me up about 6:45 and I had my chocolate protein oats, a banana and my tea in the car on the way there. We got there with enough time and I got my number, hit the potty and then hung around for the race to start at 9.

I decided to give Erin my coat and just run in my long sleeve green shirt I got from the Akron race. They were also carrying around signs that if you had headphones in then you would be disqualified, so Erin got those too.

The race started close to 9 and I wanted to make sure that I didn't start out too fast. There were more "rolling" hills here than Akron and was harder from the start. I didn't start taking pictures until about mile 2 but you needed to see the great scenery. The beginning of the race started on the road and then moved to a trail next to a road to just a trail.
The scenery

Trail next to the road

Just a trail
Most of the beginning of the race was the same as the Bloomsday course that I ran in May. Instead of making the usual turn off of Govt. Way, we continued to go straight on the road and then made our way to a trail and made a loop. The trail was very pretty but there were some significant hills in this part and I was ready for a water station. I had some Margarita shot blocks about mile 4 and had energy beans about 7 when I was in need of a drink. 
Up a hill

Pretty but high up

Look! Another hill!
After the trail, we took the road back to finish that loop and my hips weren't happy because we weren't on an even surface and after about 2 miles my body wasn't happy. 
Running on the road...
After the road, we were on a trail again til about mile 8. At this point we cam back to the road, crossed a bridge and joined up with the Marathon course at the bottom of Doomsday Hill. This I will add was ranked as #4 in the hardest hills of courses by Runners World magazine. It's no joke! And I totally walked it! :)
You can see cars on the hill...

We are pretty high up

Adding insult to injury at mile 9 in the middle of the hill...

An old guy that totally cruised past me

I want to jump in the water!

Almost to the top!
At the top there was a water station and they were passing out gels. I got a raspberry one and had never tried a gel before. It wasn't bad but I didn't like that I had to chew it. It helped and I got over it. 

I trudged along with my tunes until about mile 11 when it gave out, so this is all of the GPS info I have about my route.

I trudged on for the last 2 miles and seemed to pick up speed b/c I passed a few very good looking police men and chatted with them as I passed. :) Oh the little things.

I got to mile 13 and that litle measly 0.1 mile seemed to take forever and I just wanted to be done!

And then I saw the finish line!

 And I saw the photographer shoot me as I was coming to the finish!

I did about 10 minutes slower than the Akron 1/2 but I was at a higher altitude and there were LOADS more hills. I think adding only 10 mins wasn't that bad after all.

I went and got my shirt and Erin and I walked to the car to get my change of clothes. We went to Olive Garden, I changed and poor man showered with baby wipes and changed my clothes and then we had All You Can Eat pasta which ended up being only only bowl for each of us! SAD!!

We then went to the running store and I stocked up on more fuel since I was running low after this race. We then went and did some real shopping at another mall in town. I got some new goodies from Victoria's Secret, some new slippers from Kohl's and a Bubble tea for the road!

I came home, showered and put my compression socks on and passed out on the couch while watching football! It was a good day!!


  1. holy hills!!!!!!!!!! wow! you did amazing conquering those things. i mean...you can tell they are steep even in the pictures so I cant even imagine what they were like in real life!!! CONGRATS FRIEND!

  2. Wow...those hills look tough! I'm jealous you're able to take so many pictures during a race. I cannot imagine even having the energy to do that, but yours are beautiful, and they make me feel as if I were there. Congratulations on a great race!!