Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to Normal

I've been back in Pullman for a week now and I think my life has gotten back to as normal as my life gets. :)

Monday, I had a softball game and we won the Championship!! And then we had to play the first game of pool play and we won that too!! We might get a tshirt or something, but the Coach was real excited!!

Tuesday, I had my abs class and ran only a mile on the treadmill because it was kinda gross out and my legs were still sore from catching in the softball games. I came home and made dinner. I went with shake n bake chicken and brussel sprouts. I mixed things up a bit and put a layer of greek yogurt on the once breaded chicken and then put another layer of the crumbs. They ended up being the juiciest chicken I've ever eaten!!!
Amazing chicken!!
I like my greens!
I watched BL and enjoyed it but always hate when people throw themselves under the bus and liked Parenthood too.

Wednesday, I had a meeting until 6:30 at school and Erin and I went to the Halloween store to look for a wig for my costume because I had already purchased half of it online.
                                                         Reebok Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Replica White NFL Jersey
I'm super excited!!! It's gonna be a great Halloween. I didn't have any luck with the wig at the holiday store or Walmart, but I did find this lovely to go home with me.

And it came with little sticks!!! I'm totally guilty of licking the nutella side clean with my finger!! :)

I watched Harry's Law and this was all in my face!!

 Then I went to bed!! There are a whole lotta good shows on this fall!! Thank you networks!

What shows are you loving these days?!

I would also like to thank and welcome all of my new followers on twitter!! I LOVE comments! :)

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  1. yeah yeah yeah!!! congrats on the championship win! i am really loving X-factor lately!!! sounds like you have done so many fun things lately!