Saturday, March 31, 2012

San Diego Recap - part 1

Hello everyone!!

I have returned from sunny San Diego and I am burnt tanner than I left! The adventure started a week ago when I flew to SD. My trip was very uneventful and I got to my room at the Holiday Inn - On the Bay by about 10pm. I should have gone to sleep right away b/c I was going to be up very early in the morning but was too excited and didn't fall asleep til after 11. Boo!

My 5am wakeup call came very early and I put on all of my gear that I had laid out the night before. I took the trolley to the race start, along with many other runners. There were even a handful of them at the stop where I got on, so I knew I was in the right place!! It was still dark until just before the race.

The 5K started at 6:45 and the 15K didn't start until 7:15. The race started right on time and I was in Corral C.

The course was mostly beautiful and full of all sorts of interesting smells. From very strong flowers in people's yards to garbage/ homeless people that we ran past. Here is a view of the city at the start of the last downhill after mile 8.

The FINISH!!! 2:05:38!!

The goods that I worked for!

I was hoping/ supposed to meet up with SR and Sarah OUaL but things didn't work out and I didn't get to meet them. I was pretty bummed but this only means that I will have to go to Cali again and meet them for real!

The view from my room!

Hello giant cruise ship!

The Midway

I left the race and took the trolley back to my stop after riding it one stop in the wrong direction. No, I do not want to go to Tijuana thanks! I got back to my room all stinky and showered and went to my interview at the conference by 1pm. It was about a half hour long and went well and they want to fly me to Columbus, OH in the near future for an on-site interview!! YES!!

After the interview, I came back to the room and changed b/c I couldn't wear my neon green compression socks with my black skirt and put on comfy clothes and walked around.

Monday, I was supposed to go whale watching but due to a big storm coming in on Sunday, I rescheduled it for Wednesday.
For breakfast, I went to a Creperie in Little Italy and then my first Chipotle experience for lunch.

Lemon & sugar crepe

Chicken burrito bowl

 Instead, that afternoon I went and got my nails done with a Groupon I got for after my whale trip. I took the trolley and then a bus to get there.

The rest of Monday was spent at the conference or wandering around SD. I ended up at an Indian restaurant for dinner!!

Punjabi Saag with Naan and rice!

Galub for dessert!

That night, there was also a Grad Student/ Post Doc reception that the ACS put on and I enjoyed meeting some new to me nerds!

Tuesday, I went to the conference and listened to the PhD Comics guy give a talk and then went to a Luncheon for the Women's Chemist Committee and a prof from my school was being honored and gave a talk.

I came back to the room and changed out of my dress clothes to something more normal, took a little nap and then wandered along the water and ended up in the Gaslamp District. 

The convention center from the trolley stop

The aircraft carrier, the Midway

Petco Park

The Gaslamp District

I had some pre-dinner (froyo) and then met up with some other people for dinner at the Fish Market.

My first Pinkberry!

The menu

clam chowder

Calamari with sweet potato fries

John being frustrated with his dinner

After dinner, I was lame and went back to the room but it was about 10pm and I was tired from all of the walking. And I needed to get some rest b/c Wednesday was going to be a big day!

Have you ever been to SD? Where did you go? What did you do?

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  1. So jealous! Looks like it was a great trip! I've always wanted to visit San Diego, especially their zoo.

    I hope you enjoy Cbus when you come! If you want someone to run with when you come let me know!