Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dissertation Woes

I wanted to call this post Dissertation Blows Woes, but Blogger wouldn't let me use the cross out thingy in the title...

If you might have guessed from the title of my post, I have been fighting with MS Word for the last 3 hours or so to make sure the page numbers and formatting of my first few pages of the document that will be my thesis is correct for the Graduate School. Needless to say, I cursed them and Word a lot. Then I figured out that I can't just copy and paste and then format, I have to format as I go! Why did no one ever tell me this?! RAWR!!!

To add to my poopy mood, I was going to go to the gym to run but since it's Spring Break, they are only open til 7pm. It is now 5:47 and I am a 10 min walk from my car and I have to change still. I've deemed it not enough time to change, walk to my car and drive to the gym before 7pm to get enough time to get a proper workout in. I guess they will sit here until Friday b/c tomorrow is group meeting from 5-7 and Thursday, Erin and I are going to Steak Night b/c I don't have my regularly scheduled class at the Rec.

To add to my poopy mood more, it's almost double the temperature and sunny at home while it's freezing and snowing/raining/hailing/ ice balling here. Humph!

Ok. Enough grumpy... Here's what I've been up to lately...

In 11 days, I will be leaving this weather wasteland for the sunny/ warm shores of San Diego for a Nerd Conference. Not only will I be subjecting myself to the presence of other nerds (joking) but I am running the Hot Chocolate 15K on the morning of the 25th while I'm there. I'm hoping to run fast and meet up with SR and my YSU fellow alumni Sarah OUaL after. But it might have to be a quickie meet up b/c I have an interview scheduled for 1pm at the conference. An INTERVIEW!!! YAY!! Then the next day was going to be slow for me at the conference, so I bought a Groupon to go Whale watching for 3 hours for a whopping $9!! Thanks Groupon!! The rest of the week will be spent nerding it up and trying to land a job.

In 19 days, I will be participating in Run with Jess's Jelly Bean Virtual Race. I signed up to do the 10K and 5K during the week of April 1. Head over to her website and see if you can still sign up. It's free and there are lots of sponsors/ prizes!! I'm excited for this one and hoping that the weather around here is better by then!

Then, on April 22, I have the WSU 100K relay again . I am going to be leg #3 of The Nerd Herd Team 1. How awesome is it that we have enough people in the Department to make up 2 teams of 10 runners?! I have a longer leg this year of 7.9 miles and it's all downhill. Yipes! I imagine some major soreness they day after. Hello compression!!

Then, May 6th, I have what will most likely be my last Bloomsday Race. And I'm calling it my last race until I graduate. This will give me time to focus on finishing things up and moving on to my next chapter, whatever it may be (hopefully to Wisconsin).

In recent happenings, Friday night, Erin and I got our nails done. I only got my toes done and went with a sparkly purple but here are my fingers that I got done a week ago.

light pink
Then we went to Gambino's for dinner and both were good. I had an iced tea b/c I hadn't consumed enough tea for the day and a GI-Normous Italian salad with all the goodies all over some warm flatbread.

 I saved room for dessert and we had these... 

We were going to a movie but had some time to kill, so we went and walked around the mall for a bit. Then, we went to see...


It was crude, hilarious and had lots of nudity. I think Erin and I laughed out loud the whole movie but it was ok b/c there was only 1 other person in there! :) I would suggest this movie if you need a good laugh and don't mind the natural form.

Saturday, I was good and went to work in my gym clothes, worked for an hour and went to the gym. Only to find out that my instructor didn't show. I sadly went back to school and worked on finding a hoard of papers for my Introduction chapter of my thesis.

I left a bit earlier than I normally would have b/c I had to take Heif to the DIY Groomer station at Zelda's. He was a giant baby and we had to pick him up to get him on the table and in the tub but he has the down direction pretty good. I power dried him and he turned out like this!

I took a bitty nap and then got real clothes on b/c Erin and I were going out again tonight. This time, we were headed to Beasley Coliseum to watch the Rolling Hills Derby Dames Roller Derby Bout!!!

It was lots of fun and I learned about how they keep score. Erin is interested in learning the ropes and is going to their next open practice in April.

After, we went and had Cougar Country and then went out to a bar and met the girls at the after party. Erin talked to some of the girls and we left about 1am... and then DST happened! UGH!

I was good friends with my couch and in my PJs til about 5pm when I got dressed to go to Walmart for produce for the week... I guess I didn't really have to change. :)

Enough blabbering from me...

Do you have any races or fun/ exciting things coming up?


  1. Hey Cortney - I'm doing the Jelly Bean Race as well. Love these virtual races - they keep me motivated!

  2. I'm also doing the Jelly Bean Race! Good luck!