Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Good grief! It's been over a week since I blogged and I can hardly get over it myself. Things have been quite crazy in the land of my life. I have my interview in Madison, WI on Monday and I leave Saturday morning. I have started making my OCD set of lists so that makes me feel more relaxed about the whole situation.

Backing up to last week... I helped out with the McNair/ graduate school visitation weekend. I went out to dinner a few times and got to meet the prospective students. I remember being in their shoes and being all excited for the next step in my life. Now here I am going on my first big girl job interview!! It's amazing how life cycles.

Saturday morning I met with my boss to see what I needed to do to tie up my loose ends so I can graduate. The bad news was that I have more to do to 'complete my story' than I had thought. The good news is that I think I will have an awesome thesis when I'm done. The other part to the bad news is that I may not be done in June like I was expecting, but definitely by the summer. It will happen!!

I went to my meeting with an hour and a half to spare to make it to my first Saturday tabata core class in the last 5 weeks. My meeting was about n hour and 40 mins. So I missed my class but ended up staying at school til 3 looking up journal articles and reading them. I felt very productive.

I left school and got my oil changed and then got my nails done with Erin in a professional color instead of the sparkly blue that I had been sporting. I am now rocking a nice wine color.

Then I went to Kara's house bc I was invited to dinner for fish tacos. They were AMAZING!! Then we played a few games of Carcassone. It's a fairly new to me board game where you build a renaissance landscape. I'm a sucker for time period stuff like that and it's a lot of fun.

Sunday I woke up early and ran 8 miles in 1:46. I went farther and faster than I've gone in this half marathon training cycle so I was pumped. I came home and unstank myself and then went to Erin's house to watch the super bowl. I didn't really care who won bc I don't really know the players on either team, but I didn't want Tom Brady to win. Not sure what I have against the man but I just don't like him.

We watched the game and ate burgers and chips and dips. Then I tried on my interview outfit for Erin and her mom and got approvals all around. Then I went shopping in their closets for a dress jacket and purse to match.

Monday I started on the experiments that I had planned on doing the week before but the instrument pooped out on me for 2 days. But I got some awesome data that actually told me hold my compounds break down when heated.

I was super excited about the data but couldn't go to the boss with the good news until I had all the info in a nice little package to present that made sense. That took all day today but by 4 pm I showed the boss and he seemed excited as me for once. Maybe bc I had total understanding of what I was showing him and totally owned it. I think I'm finally getting what it takes to get this phd.

Tonight I had a major craving for taco bell. I wienered out of my and class and met up with Erin after hers and hit the bell!! It was delicious. Of course Erin and I sat there for over an hour just chatting. We were far from our record of over 3 hours at the bell. I stopped at winco on my way home I get a few frozen blocks of food to finish me out for the week and some fruit and air plane snacks.

Now I just need to pack and enjoy Erin's birthday on Friday!! Yay!!

How has your week been? Hopefully not as crazy as mine.

Ps. I wrote this post on my phone, so if anything shows up weird that's why.

Have a great rest of the week. I'll definitely update you on my trip if I don't blog before then!!

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  1. omg. friend. totally understand your overwhelmed feelings. i am having the same feelings lately. good luck at your interview! and enjoy your trip! you will do great!