Monday, October 8, 2012

Rock Vegas - Day 2

After learning that the outside part of the day was free, we brought plenty to hydrate ourselves with!! It was a good thing too b/c it was hotter but we had some respite with an occasional breeze.

In the parking lot...

Conflict of Interest

There were fewer bands on the bill today so things started later and that meant things were hotter when we go there! We saw about half of Conflict of Interest's set and they were pretty good. I love seeing new bands that I've never heard of before!

Conflict of Interest

Otherwise was really good and now have 3 singles out off of their first album. When I saw them last year, they only had one. What a difference a year makes! These guys had a great turnout b/c they are from Vegas.


New Meds new drum art!
My favorite part of being outside was being front row, Brady's side, yet again to see New Medicine! I love these guys! They are moving up and currently are doing a small headlining tour in the west (boo!). I could watch them all day long! I can't wait for their new album to come out.



Rocking out!

Ryan! Why so serious?!


me and Brady outside the merch tent

Then we moved things inside. We decided to grab a bite to eat and then go to the show which made us late b/c they wouldn't let us take our leftovers in but our drinks were ok. Makes no sense. So we were late for Art of Dying but made up for it when we got to see them after. They are such nice guys! They remind me of my Canadian family every time I see them!

Art of Dying

Art of Dying

Jonny and Greg of Art of Dying

Tavis and Cale of Art of Dying

Jeff of Art of Dying

Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/ Slipknot
Corey Taylor was performing all alone b/c one of the Stone Sour guys had emergency appendix surgery. Funny enough, he opened with the SpongeBob Squarepants song!! It was hilarious! His set wasn't that long but it was just a cool experience seeing him up there with an acoustic guitar and just singing.

Corey Taylor

 Buckcherry surprised me with this performance. They were actually good and understandable. I don't know if it was too early for them to be wasted or if they are sober now but the performance was the best I've seen from them!
Buckcherry with fewer clothes on
And then the weirdness started...
I knew to expect odd things from Marilyn Manson but he went above and beyond what I would consider weird from him. He came out and seemed normal but then the wardrobe changes started...

Marilyn Manson opening

MM as the pope?

MM ad guitarist. dude looks like a lady?

MM singing 'Dope Show'
He came out as the pope/a bishop with a smoke gun that he pointed to the crowd and then with a white fur/animal coat on.

...and he plays the guitar
Then this podium prop came out and he was dressed like Hitler and at the end tried to hand himself from the razor wire on top of the podium. WEIRD!

creepy backdrop and props

dressed as Hitler
 Then it was time for ZOMBIE!!
His set was amazing with all sorts of moving parts and lights and costumes! At one point, balls were released into the crowd and even bubbles! This was possibly the most over ever been entertained at a concert!!
Waiting for Zombie
Love his microphone stand!


with the shadow of death

riding some mechanical contraption

Day 2 was very different from Day 1 but still awesome in it's own right. Each days had their highs and lows for me but very glad I went again. 

Maybe I'll try ShipRocked next year. Ideas anyone?

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