Saturday, April 28, 2012

Party Party!!

Hello everyone!!

There have been some major changes that have happened in my life in the past week, so let's catch you up on them!

Last weekend, was definitely busy! Saturday morning, I worked the javelin at the WSU track meet and remembered to put sunscreen on my face, but that was it. This means that I got burnt on my neck where my polo shirt opened up and on my arms. I also got stung by a wasp twice that somehow worked his way up my pants!! What a creeper!

After the track meet, I worked on getting ready b/c the Chemistry Dept. banquet was that night as well. I got all dolled up and Erin picked me up in the concert-mobile. We had a bit of a detour b/c I had to pick up my bib and tshirt for the 100k relay in the morning. Then we went to the banquet.

The food was pretty good but the program was pretty short overall. I ended up getting an award because I'm graduating this year and I won the TA of the Year Award!! Makes me feel like having to teach for 3 years was worth it now b/c I've finally been recognized. Here are some pictures of the banquet...

The graduates

TA of the Year

Erin, John and me

Sunday morning, I participated in the WSU 100k relay. I had leg #3 which was about a mile uphill and then almost 7 miles downhill!! I have now learned that running downhill is harder on your muscles than running uphill any day! The race was Sunday and I was sore until Thursday. This is what I get for not wearing my compression shorts! Doh!

This was my leg...


Yikes!! I had planned on doing it in an 1:40 and ended up 11 minutes slower, but it turned out that it was almost 80 that day and the hottest day of the year in the area so far this year! Needless to say, I had not trained for that kind of heat and ended up rationing the 16 oz of fluids I had in my water belt as it was. I was also a dork and forgot to bring any kind of fuel with me. I could have used it after about mile 6. Oh well. Here are some pictures.

My handoff. See guy in yellow? He totally barfed after this pic!

I'm off!

Adam running!!

Adam and Sarah exchange

Sadly, I only have 2 races left in the PNW. I have Bloomsday, which is next weekend and then I have the 2nd Annual Jog for the Jugs in Lewiston, ID which is a 5 miler for breast cancer research.

Thursday, we went to Steak Night b/c it was John's birthday on Friday!! So he got to drive the Stang!

I have other pictures from the night which include party hats but they are on my phone and I forgot my cord to transfer them. It was a good night even if the service was amazingly slow. We all got a round of free birthday shots with the owner and John took a second round with him during the wait. But we did get 3 rounds with the cookies!!

Friday morning, I got a phone call at 8:12, while I was eating my breakfast from the Company in Columbus that I had interviewed with a few weeks ago.


I of course accepted on the spot b/c there was nothing to think about!! I was on cloud 9 all day after that!! Telling anyone and everyone that I have a real big girl job!!

Lots of things are going to change in the next few months. I'm working on selling my lovely trailer. I need to finish writing, working in the lab and get some edits from my boss. I need to pack up all of my crap and move across the country!! But this time I'll be going in the right direction!!

I have loved my time in the PNW but have realized that it's just too hard being this far away from family to be able to spend any kind of holidays or anything with them. I will defeinitely miss the people, but not really the place.

I was told that some wise grad student of the past had said, "Happiness is seeing Pullman in your rear view mirror." I have to agree with that statement! I'm looking forward to bigger and better things!

I would like to buy a house, so I'm getting that ball rolling. I would like a new car and a new puppy! I have decided that Heif needs a little brother and if I get a house, then I will have plenty of room for one more!!

I have lots of work to do in the next few months, that is for sure!! I have a tentative start date of July 2! :)

Anyone out there live in the Columbus area? Any suggestions on where to live? Races to find? Stuff to do?

I'm all overly excited at this point!! :)


  1. Congrats on your new job! I'm originally from Central Ohio, now living in Northern Ohio. Columbus is great. So many fantastic suburbs. Westerville and Clintonville are my favorites. Depends on what sort of area you are going for. There are great races in Columbus too. The Columbus marathon was my first full and it's race is in October. Tons of other great races as well. So much great shopping, Easton is great... I just dropped some dough there yesterday!

  2. Congratulations! I hope you'll love Columbus, I've lived here all my life and I can't imagine living anywhere else. There are great neighborhoods all around, and the downtown area is being built up, lots of cool places there. And the race scene is fantastic! Capital City Half Marathon in the spring, Columbus full and half marathon in the fall are the biggest.