Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mom's birthday weekend/ Upcoming weekend plans

Hello everyone!

This past Saturday was my Mom's birthday, so the original plan was that I was going to come home to celebrate and be there b/c I can now. The plan evolved to my Aunt and cousin coming in from TN and then as a last minute surprise, my Fairy Godmother drove in from Kansas City. We also had cousins come in from Cleveland and Akron.

Thursday, Aunt Bev made the 11 hour drive to my house. We went to Easton and ended up at Max and Erma's b/c there happened to be a torrential downpour so we couldn't walk outside to the other parts of the "mall" unless we wanted to get drenched. We opted for dry. We split a chicken sandwich, grilled asparagus and bbq pork sliders! It was all very good! We came home, hung out for a bit and then crashed.

I was at work at 6:30am (barf!) so I could leave at 3. In the mean time, I asked my TN family to stop and check out my new house on their way through. They thought I was meeting them during my lunch break but Aunt Bev happened to be there instead. SURPRISE! After touring the house and Aunt Bev organizing a bit (cough!) they took off for PA. I got off work at 3, drove home, got Heif, packed the car and I was off to be home about 6:40.

Saturday was the day of the big party. We just hung out, played yard games, rode horses and ate all day. Everything was finished off by sitting around the bonfire and watching "Hillbilly fireworks" otherwise known as the meteor shower that was happening.

feeding corn husks to the horses

The sisters #2-6. #1 had to work. :(

Heif was there for the party!

me, half of dad and mom's birthday cake

being kids again!

I woke up Sunday exhausted and to Dad checking out the breaks on my car. Turns out they are fine but he thinks I should start looking for my new car. I'm thinking a Kia Sorento or a Chevy Equinox.
Suggestions? Comments?

I left home around 6 after picking lettuce from the garden, saying hello to the baby horses and gathering some eggs in the chicken coop.

I enjoyed coming home and starting work on Monday b/c it was relaxing compared to the craziness that was my weekend.

This weekend, I'm hanging out with my friend Jessie who came from WA with me but is now in Pittsburgh. We are doing our first Color Race 5K on Sunday! This is the Color Me Rad race! We bought Groupons for half off and it seems like a lot of fun! I'll post pictures next week!

Anyone gonna do this race? Who else has done a Color Race? Suggestions on wardrobe? 
Camera/ no camera?

PS. I also used my new oven for the very first time tonight! It's only almost been a month since I've had it, but still. You would think with my cooking prowess (choke!) that I would have cooked something before this. Now that I've started, look out! :)

Have a great weekend! 
Anyone doing anything fun?

Remember, Hot Chocolate Race Columbus code for a free hat at registration is on the left. Let me know if you're coming!!

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