Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SB20 Blog Swap- Childhood Summer Vacations

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I'm Elise and I'm over at High Heels and Glittering Eyes www.highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com.  Cortney and I are participating in a blog swap sponsored by the sb20 network of bloggers.  Today we are talking about childhood vacations.

Being an only child (with the exception of a couple of step sisters for 1 year) my vacations were always a little different from most of my friends who had multiple siblings.  The vacations that stick out most in my mind are the ones I took with my dad.  My parents were divorced and I lived with my mom but every summer dad would take me for a weekend and we would drive to Dallas, TX to go to Six Flags Over Texas.  Looking back, it doesn't sound super exciting but I would wait all year long for those couple of days.

We always drove down late Friday night and would stay at a hotel across the street from Six Flags.  I never could understand why the park wasn't open when we finally would pull in to town after midnight.  I mean, didn't the employees know that this little brown haired Odessa girl was ready to play?  Dad and I would wake up super early the next day so we could be the first in line.  Not the first in line for the park mind you, but the first in line for the best thing I'd ever tasted in my elementary years.....

Funnel Cake.

No joke, I dreamed about this funnel cake when I was little.  It was so warm and gooey and I couldn't believe that it was all mine for breakfast!  I still think to this day that its that damn funnel cake's fault that I like fried food so much!  

Anyways, after breakfast we always had to check and see how much I'd grown.  Was this the year I could ride the big tall roller coasters?  Or was I still too vertically challenged?  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Runaway Mine Train ride but I knew that there was something bigger and better waiting in my future.  The year I was tall enough to ride the Texas Giant and The Flashback, I thought I had really made it in life!  I never understood all those sissies and wimps crying because they were scared of the roller coasters.  I couldn't' wait!

After a full day of food, fun, and too many high priced souvenirs, Dad would drag me back to the hotel.  I'm sure most of the time I was asleep before we made it across the street.

The last day of our Dallas vacation we would always head to the Galleria.  We ate at what I claimed was the BEST Mexican food restaurant EVER.  I don't think it was the food I liked so much but the fact that it was next to the indoor ice skating rink.  After I was done eating, I would go rent my skates and pretend I was Nancy Kerrigan for hours.  Dad always sat at our table and watched me not caring that his daughter was the only kiddo skating by herself and probably was narrating my whole routine.

THe best part about these daddy daughter weekends is that I now live in Dallas.  I take my dance students to perform at Six Flags and take some of them on the Flashback for their first time.  I also shop at the Galleria and eat at the BEST Mexican food restaurant EVER.  Only now I know that its called Mi Cocinas and that I can only have 2 of their famous Mambo Taxi margaritas before I turn into Nancy Kerrigan again. 

 I'm sure that one day I will have kiddos of my own and take them to do the same things my dad did with me.  Simple, yes.  Memorable, definitely.

Oh yeah.  I still eat TONS of funnel cake.

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